Are CBD Edibles’ Potency Measured by Package or by Piece?

CBD edibles are a continuously growing market, with brands always looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy CBD. While CBD edibles used to be limited to gummies and baked goods, it is now possible to work a small dose of CBD into every meal of the day.

From CBD infused coffee beans to dried CBD fruit, you are sure to find a CBD treat to suit your taste buds. PureKana, for example, has both a range of tasty CBD gummies and CBD beverage enhancers so that you can turn even a boring glass of water into a CBD treat.

One of the great things about CBD edibles is that they are designed to be fun and straightforward. You don’t have to worry about measuring out CBD oils and ensuring that you consume the same precise dosage every day.

How easy is it to ensure that you always consume a precise dosage of CBD when using edibles, though? Do brands measure potency by piece or by the pack? How common are errors?
Let’s take a look at how potency is measured in different types of edibles.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways to ensure that you consume a precise amount of CBD. Almost every brand measures the amount of CBD within each gummy, with this being stated clearly on both the packaging and the product description.

PureKana CBD edibles gummies, for example, clearly state that each gummy contains precisely 25mg of CBD and that each pack, therefore, contains 500mg of CBD. The precise amount of CBD within each gummy varies from brand to brand, with some choosing to use a slightly lower or slightly higher dosage.

Most brands will also give you a general guide as to how many gummies you should eat at a time or within a day. Following this advice can help you to quickly work out exactly how much CBD your body can handle and benefit from in a day.

CBD Beverages

There are a number of exceptional options when shopping for CBD beverages, including PureKana’s beverage enhancers, as well as CBD infused coffee beans and CBD hydration shots. The way in which CBD is measured within these beverage options varies from brand to brand.

PureKana beverage enhancers are designed to be added to your favorite drinks, giving them a healthy boost. While PureKana does offer suggestions as to how much of their beverage enhancer you should add to your drinks, this is simply a guide and does not tell you how much CBD this would add to your drink.

PureKana instead informs its customers how much CBD is contained in total, leaving you to work out how much CBD you are adding.

CBD infused coffee beans tend to follow a similar formula, merely stating how much CBD is contained within the entire packet of beans. There will generally be some guidance as to how many beans to use for one cup of coffee, but this is not precise, making it very difficult to tell customers exactly how much CBD there would be in each cup.

CBD Dried Fruit

Just like CBD gummies, CBD-infused dried fruit is another excellent option for anyone who wants to ensure that they always consume a precise and clear amount of CBD. Brands will clearly state how much CBD is contained within each piece of fruit, as well as how much CBD is within the entire pack.

There are a number of different options available when shopping for dried CBD fruits, including banana infused chips, dried mangos, and pineapple pieces.

CBD-infused dried fruit is an excellent alternative to CBD gummies as they tend to contain very few ingredients and none of the artificially added sugars.

CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate bars are a tasty way to boost both your mood and your CBD intake. CBD chocolate can be found for sale both in traditional bar form as well as in bags of chips and chunks. The way in which chocolate gets sold will typically determine whether the potency levels are measured per piece or as a total.

Bars of chocolate will typically state the total amount of CBD within the bar, although, she brands will also give an estimate as to how much CBD is in each snappable piece. Bags of individual chocolate or chocolate chips will sometimes state both how much CBD there is within each section as well as a total for the container.

Final Thoughts on the Potency of CBD Edibles

The way in which the potency of CBD edibles is measured very much depends on the type of edible.

With products such as gummies and individually wrapped snacks, it is much easier for a brand to guarantee a certain amount of CBD within each piece. With products such as coffee beans or large chocolate bars, it is difficult to work out exactly how much a person will be using at one time and how that relates to potency levels.