Window and Door Companies: How to Choose the Best Window Glazing

With such a wide array of varying styles of windows and doors in Oakville and so many window and door companies, it can be challenging to select one particular window glazing as well as choose the right company to work with.

From sliding to French doors, and bay to sash windows, Oakville Windows and Doors is here to show you the differences that exist amongst these window styles and help you choose the right style of Oakville windows & doors. So, what is the best double-glazed window for your house?

1. Casement Windows

These are quite common window styles in most Oakville homes. They are very simple styles. The window is typically attached vertically to the frame by hinges and opens horizontally to the side.

However, there is another variation of casement windows- awning casement windows that are hinged at the top and open from the bottom. These are typically used in basements and the attic area.

Casement windows can be made of timber, uPVC or aluminium. Each of these materials has varying advantages and disadvantages. They also come with different price tags.

2. Sash Windows

Generally, sash windows are operated by lifting the pane up or down. In this class, there are two styles:

a. Single-hung windows- they have two panes, but the only one can open.

b. Double-hung windows- they have two operable sashes.

You can also opt for a tilt-and-turn version. Sash windows can also be made from different materials, just like casement windows.

Sash windows are an excellent way to incorporate a traditional feel to your property. Though they are known not to offer much in terms of energy efficient, the modern styles employ double glazing technology that deals with that problem.

3. Bay Windows

A protrusion characterises this window style from the exterior part of the wall. The design adds more space in your room.

Bay windows usually have three panes, but if you need more space, you can opt for its cousin, bow windows which come with four to five panes. They can be made from any material.

Because of the protrusion, which increases the glass surface area, the windows allow more light into the room. They also increase ventilation since the independent panes can be opened to let air in.

4. Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can take many forms. For instance, casement windows can be designed to be tilted. Depending on the design you opt for, you can have a varying degree of opening the window. Some windows can be tilted to 90 degrees.

Most windows, however, are fitted with a notch catch to hold the door at different angles. As such, you can open the door to a certain degree to allow fresh air to entre.

With so many window and door companies, you can even get some windows that use dual-turn mechanisms. In these windows, the window sits on top of another, and both windows tilt open.

5. Window Materials

So after you have got where to buy windows and doors in Oakville, you would want to consider the material that the window and door companies are offering. Here are some of the materials you should expect to get;

a. Wooden Doors And Windows

Timber is a vintage material for doors and windows, and you are likely to find it in the most window and door companies. It is naturally renewable. Wooden windows are popular for their aesthetic value, especially for period-style homes.

While they don’t come at a lower price and require a lot of maintenance, they are long-lasting and look great.

b. Vinyl Windows And Doors

Many homeowners have accepted vinyl material, and it is overtaking some of the commonly used materials such as wood. The reasons are that they are cheaper, recyclable, durable and energy-efficient.

c. Aluminium

Aluminium is cheap, low maintenance and durable material. It is slimmer and slicker compared to most materials. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide much in terms of energy efficiency and curb appeal.