Clubhouse for Business: B2B Leads in One Place

Every marketer’s life was truly impacted by the resonating social network Clubhouse. According to experts, the Clubhouse has 6 million registered members as of February 2021, with 2 million joining in January alone. Opinion leaders and businesses were drawn to the vocal network by the exponential expansion of the audience, consequently attracting B2B leads.

Large corporations who actively engage with the Clubhouse audience pay the moderators of their broadcasts thousands of dollars. What is this social network’s phenomenon? How can you include it into your company’s marketing strategy? In this post, we address these and many more questions.

What Is the Clubhouse App? 

What is the purpose of a clubhouse? In a sentence, this is an audio tool that was previously exclusively available to Apple customers and only via invitation. Yes, it has conquered the entire globe.

An application for real-time audio conversation. Alpha Exploration Co., a software developer, launched the project in March 2020. The platform includes a variety of clubs and virtual spaces where users may communicate about a large number of topics.

Not only can you listen to others, but you can also debate a range of aspects, ranging from startups to politics. It appears to be a genuine conference, with a few hundred to several thousand individuals attending from all around the world.

Brands and corporations are becoming more interested in how Clubhouse may be used to promote and get B2B sales leads as the platform grows in popularity. We’ll tell you a little about the app and propose some effective advertising tactics that experts think will work.

Clubhouse history 

The network has expanded tremendously owing to viral propagation since December 2020, when there were just 600,000 visitors on the platform regularly. The audio platform, which is sponsored by Andreessen Horowitz, is now used by over 2 million consumers on a weekly basis. It is expected to cost more than a billion dollars.

Elon Musk announced that he will be organizing his own event on Clubhouse, giving the network a big boost. Everything he refers to or tweets, seems to turn into gold.

That’s exactly what occurred at the Clubhouse! Generally, the site allows users to join many clubs for free, set appointments and engage in real-time conversation.

Clubhouse interface

Many individuals have lost the ability to communicate live since the beginning of the pandemic, when restrictions were implemented. And, regrettably, most of us have lost the habit of interacting live for a long period as a result of these regulations. In this scenario, the clubhouse aids in catching up on our social skills.

There’s a short process of registering just as in any app out there. You’ll need a phone number and your name, but remember – after choosing your name, you can change it only once. After joining, this application will work as a b2b lead generation agency for your business. 

To make a room, click “Start a room” at the bottom of the screen, then make your first b2b appointment setting. Find more to get started with your new campaign. 

There are open rooms (accessible to all Clubhouse members), rooms from your mutual subscriptions (inviting all of your pals at once), and locked rooms (you can choose to add people with whom you have a mutual subscription). You can establish rooms for communication among club members if you are a member of some clubs.

You will have two options after joining a room: speaker and listener.

There is a global search function where you may type in the nickname of the person you want to follow and subscribe to. With clubs, it’s the same thing. They’re different from rooms in that they’re made up of people who share common interests. They are in one location and, with the help of other participants, build rooms on a regular basis.

How Can Clubhouse Fid You B2B sales leads?

Clubhouse, an audio social media program, gives its consumers a unique digital experience. You appear to be simply hanging out with your mates, reducing the restrictions that come with the use of visual media. Belkins – outbound lead generation service has found the following factors contributing to the app’s increasing popularity:

  • There is less stress. There’s no need to put on makeup, pick clothing, or worry about pimples on your nose for the meeting if there’s no video. It’s only a matter of going live.
  • More interaction is required. The overall popularity of podcasts has increased by 37.5 percent in the last three years. However, they are typically pre-recorded, and there is no opportunity to reply in real time. Social networking audio applications function in real time and don’t require any special software for podcasting or editing.
  • It’s an excellent moment to get started. During the epidemic, when many individuals were forced to avoid face-to-face meetings, actual parties, exhibits, and other social networking activities, a room-sized social network where they could interact with others in real time proved to be precisely what they needed. 

Due to the pandemic social consumption has increased. People read, watch and buy more which contributes to b2b sales lead generation.

Your Clubhouse Marketing Strategy 

“How do you become promoted with this real-time podcast?” is a natural issue for producers, companies, and contributors, given Clubhouse’s quick development. The clubhouse does not presently provide in-app advertising capabilities since the firm is currently concentrating on improving and usability of its platform. This does not, however, preclude you from placing an ad here. We’ve put up a list of marketing ideas for you to consider.

  • Possibility of self-presentation

People can only learn who you are and what you do through your profile biography.

Fortunately, there is enough space for a superb presentation – around 125 characters is plenty. Include important facts and keywords that will assist other users to develop an accurate image of you and to get business leads.

  • Investors’ communication

The majority of Clubhouse’s private audience is still made up of venture investors and funds. This is a fantastic chance for the company to meet investors and form crucial business ties. It only takes the right people hearing about you at the right moment to help you succeed.

  • The formation of a group of people who are interested in something – a club

The opportunity to establish a community of interested people and increase your reach as well as ​​b2b sales lead generation is what makes the Clubhouse app so interesting.

Is Clubhouse Right for B2B sales lead generation?

Marketers may apply a platform that integrates parts of chat, conferencing, and podcasting apps to contact customers that Clubhouse already has and will have in the future. Therefore a spam checker aids in collecting a base of contacts and contributes to communication with your clients. A consistent increase in audience size allows us to aspire for even more spectacular growth in the future.

Don’t forget that potential clients are easy to lose. An email marketing strategy is a way to go and an email spam checker is a great way to make them stay with you and promote your product further in the future. 

It aids in the development of brand awareness, the development of leaders as influencers, and the drawing of attention to the company’s activities.

As a result, don’t forget about engagement and customer experience, not only for business leads.