A Brief Guide On Colorado’s Clean Energy Plan

The Clean Energy Plan from Colorado is expected to provide electricity from about 80% renewable sources!

Have you dreamed of a world with clean energy? If so, you’re not alone, as the Colorado Public Utilities Commission is reviewing a plan that plans to work toward exactly that.

This is an amazing feat which can be really helpful in providing clean, yet affordable, energy to households around the state. Are you curious to learn more about what this is and how it would work?

Keep reading below to learn more about what you should know about this historic proposition.

What Is the Proposal?

The main part of the proposal is the call for a huge reduction in how much Colorado relies on coal. The plan is to reduce these coal operations by 2030 with the hopes that coal would be retired by 2034.

Customers are going to benefit from the change to cleaner energy and help the state meet its carbon-reduction goals at the same time.

How Is Xcel Energy Involved?

Xcel Energy, which is a major provider in Colorado, will work with the communities, employees, and union leaders on this transition. They plan to help in ensuring that there are no layoffs with this proposed plan.

Previously, Xcel Energy has had a reputation in the community for ensuring that changes like these work to support communities and employees rather than harm them. As these transitions come to light, Colorado hopes to see familiar support going forward.

What Is the Plan for Stations?

As stated, Xcel Energy wants to work with community leaders to ensure that there are no layoffs. Some locations have already started to consider what these changes may look like.
For instance, Pawnee Station has said they will convert away from coal and start using natural gas by 2026. Alternatively, Craig Station Unit 2 and Hayden Station are both going to retire by 2028.

How Does This Impact Households?

As you can guess, the change is going to affect the type of energy that households will receive in the state. However, there is no expected interruption in service or affordability of energy.

A huge part of the proposal is that while new sources are used for electricity, the trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness of the electricity won’t go up as a result of the changes.

Some households may want to do even more to help reduce their carbon footprint! For instance, some households may want to get a residential solar estimate to lean even further into the change and obtain energy with solar devices that they can use at home.

Colorado Is Going Green With the Clean Energy Plan

With this Clean energy Plan, Colorado is going to make huge leaps and bounds toward a lower carbon footprint.

While many residents are also going to share in this advancement by making their own changes, it’s a great view of what the future will look like for US citizens as states continue to make progress toward a greener country.

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