4 Reasons One Can Consider The Vape A Fashion Accessory

The fashion industry keeps growing and evolving, with designers pushing the limits. If modern is fashion, vaping is taking its place in the fashion industry as a style statement and a hobby to many. Even better technology has a huge impact on fashion, making it easy to connect vaping with fashion.

Previously traditional smoking was viewed as a practice for the rich, admired by many, and termed as cool and fashionable. According to WHO, at least 1.1 billion adults are smokers, with the current generation taking it a notch higher. However, things are shifting; millennials now give preference to vaping trusted e-liquid over smoking.

Many reasons qualify vape as the perfect fashion accessory to make the perfect fashion statement.

1. Gives You a Stylish Look

First impressions are vital because they create a memory that people cannot forget. Besides, vaping devices come in various unique designs giving you more options. Having a classy accessory is a great way to send a fashion statement among your friends.

Whether you are sporty, sleek, sophisticated, or just a simple person, there is a design for everyone.

• If you are a sporty person, you can go for a stripy vaping device or in colors such as blue and red.

• If you are going for a casual look, you can pick a more vibrant vaping device in colors like gold and silver.

• If you are into official suits, a dark-toned color will complement your look. A vaping device in colors such as black, grey, or navy blue would be a great pick.

You can even pick a bare device and customize it to your liking, and end up with the best match for your look.

2. Vaping is Modern and Super Practical

With the current generations so much into technology, their love for electronics is unbeatable. The more high-tech one is, the more they look fashionable. The vaping devices fit so well in this evolution as they are perceived as an upgrade of the traditional cigarettes. If you possess one of these devices, then you are viewed as fashionable.

The fact that these devices are easy to accessorize makes them even more fashionable. They can be worn as chains or clips, which makes them easy to pair with your outfit. With them being so accessible, you do not even have to struggle looking for your device to smoke. They are the best accessory serving both fashion and comfort effortlessly.

3. Vaping is Cleaner than Cigarettes

Previously, people feared smoking for the health complications the practice brought about, such as damaged lungs, mouth cancer, and even foul odor. Vaping is considered 95% safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes and offers a better way for tobacco addicts to quit smoking.

Can you imagine being at a party full of smoke and foul odor? It’s hard to enjoy the moment. Parties were meant for people to have fun, and having fun means being in a conducive environment. With vaping being a cleaner means of ‘smoking,’ the vapor emitted goes away fast.

All you need is a well-ventilated room, and better still, if it is an open ground, people can barely notice you are vaping. Generally, vaping makes it easy to have fun without invading other people’s space and making them uncomfortable.

4. It is a Great Conversation Starter

The fact that the vaping devices come in different cool designs makes them easy to carry whenever you move. When going to a party, they make you stand out with people admiring your cool and confident look. The devices are a great conversation starter because so many people want to know more about vaping.

You will find someone just sitting next to you if you have the device, asking you more about vaping, how beneficial it is, how to use the device, your experience, and even where they can get one. From what would have turned out as a boring interaction, you even end up making new friends.

Vaping brings together people of different walks of life, where you find lawyers, artists, and even engineers sitting together vaping. So, apart from looking fashionable, it’s a great way to socialize with like-minded individuals.

Final Thoughts

For the longest time, the media has portrayed smoking as a sign of fashion and appeal. It’s not uncommon to see your favorite actor in movies or music video smoke. But things are shifting in favor of the new vaping technology.

The culture of vaping is one that blends so well with fashion. Manufacturers are embracing vaping fashion through acts like producing backpacks with safe spaces for storing vaping devices. Owning a stylish vaping device makes you look cool and stand out among your peers. It’s a great way to boost your confidence as a vaping enthusiast.