8 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

It is not just enough if you own an e-commerce website. Uploading the sales and services, and shopping categories, as a matter of the fact, are that the website should impress the audience and spend time on.

Imagine spending hefty amounts on designing, promoting your business but still not get enough leads. That is something you should look into.

In fact, this is the most common issue for all e-commerce owners. Not all can hire a branding team or marketing team. But then, do not worry. There are proven tactics to convert visitors into customers.

This article will discuss the most trending and efficient steps that help you generate more leads. However, make sure that your website is strong in cybersecurity and have an SSL wildcard certificate installed.

You can be technically perfect on the website but there are chances that you lack on certain points. We will go through them here. So let’s get started.

1. Boost Your Speed

This is the first step towards attracting your visitors. Make sure your website is quick enough to load. Imagine how boring it is to wait for the web page to load, there are more chances for the visitors to leave your website and go right away.

In that case, in order to avoid your visitors leaving your page, you can try using an exit intent popup, which will appear every time they will browse to close the tab thus increasing your conversions and sales.

This is the most challenging part of building an e-commerce website. When your website and the main landing page doesn’t load on time, it will definitely affect the image of your company.

Moreover, you cannot afford to lose customers because of this issue. Invest in the website speed and performance at the initial stages of the website development. The main criteria to grab more visitors which may turn into customers is by boosting your website speed.

2. Create Engaging Contents

Yes, it is an important aspect to keep the audience close to your business. No one is really sitting out there to read the long paragraphs on the website pages. Remember to keep the content short yet effective. Be precise to the point and do not lag.

It is a known trend that websites create content solely to achieve good SEO traffic and thereby better ranks. Include attractive headlines, captions, and clear product descriptions so that the visitors could convert to customers.

3. Include Reviews or Testimonials

Be your own advocate. Yes, make sure to include all the positive feedback or customer testimonials. Add pictures of the happy customers who loved shopping from your website.

It gives a connection of trust for the visitors who go through your webpages seeing the satisfied reviews. There are more chances that they will purchase from your website.

4. Get a Wildcard SSL Certificate

The first and foremost thing a visitor checks on visiting a website is if it is a well-secured website that has HTTPS or not. Once if the visitor leaves your website then there are chances that you lost a customer who could help you in getting business, getting more traffic and conversion rates.

Talking about the Wildcard SSL Certificate, some of the e-commerce business owners require multiple subdomains then you will need an SSL Wildcard Certificate to save time and money.

SSL Wildcard Certificate is very easy to install in high demand when you require more sub-domains and require a specific IP address that is required for each subdomain.

5. Get a Social Presence

It is a must to get a social presence these days. Include all the social proof that your products are being used by big companies or celebrities.

Getting a social media presence is the trending way to reach a large audience. It brings in some authenticity to your brand. Do not forget to include the links to social media that helps in advertising and reaches the targeted audience in a vast space.

Make sure you thoroughly post on social media networks on a daily basis to keep it interesting and also keep in mind that the website features the same logo and branding.

6. Add a Logo

A logo is an essential part of a website and establishing your company’s credibility. Logo speaks volumes that you want to convey. Every logo has a story. You might be aware of the fact that many Nike showrooms do not have outlet names. They simply hang a Nike brand logo and yet this did not affect the sales. That is the power of a brand and a logo.

Your logo should be everywhere, from your marketing to your packaging boxes. The more visible it is, the more trustworthy your brand becomes. You can create a small video of making the logo, the crazy story behind it. This creates enough buzz and grabs the attention of the visitors which can turn into customers just like that. Keep the out of the box ideas on your websites regularly. This will aid in attracting more visitors.

7. Include NAP in the Footer

If you never used this feature NAP, this is the right time to follow. However, NAP refers to name, address, and phone. The best space to include this info is on the footer of the website or you can create a separate contact page.

This is definitely an added bonus for impressing the audience as it helps in local SEO search results.

8. Email Marketing

You cannot deny the fact that email marketing is still one of the most effective tactics used for lead generations.

Moreover, it is an interesting fact that email marketing is more effective in generating more leads compared to social platforms. There is no doubt that email marketing is the best way to nurture your leads so they could be converted as potential customers through a low-cost budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating automatic follow-ups and messages to your old, existing, and new customers.

Wrap Up:

Refining the website is a never-ending job and so are the tactics to improve conversion rates.

Even though the visitors do not have any intention of buying the very first time they visit your website, chances are high if you follow the above-mentioned tactics that will make them turn into customers. Happy customers to you!