Using Custom Controllers And Keyboards For Your Online Gaming Adventure

Custom controllers and keyboards are some of the important equipment in gaming. They help provide input to a video game or execute commands for objects and characters within the game. There has long been an ongoing debate among pro gamers as to which is the best option – a controller or a keyboard and mouse.

The adoption rate for each is almost equal, so which option is the best choice for you? Find out as we discuss the main advantages of both.

Why use a custom controller?

Just like online real slots require a mobile device and an internet service provider, controllers are considered a staple in console video gaming. Besides the customizable nature of controllers, these gaming add-ons have a reputation due to their form factor.

Whether you’re in bed, on your couch, or heading to your friend’s place to play in a competition organized by juggernauts in the iGaming market, controllers can seamlessly make the journey because of their portability.

Another reason why controllers rank high among most gamers is comfort. These devices are ergonomically designed to fit snugly into your hands during gameplay. So, you won’t have issues keeping up with lengthy gaming stints. Unlike keyboards, it’s almost impossible to trigger an unwanted action by accidentally hitting the wrong button.

Why use a custom keyboard?

Although custom controllers are great, some gamers find themselves on the other side of the tide with custom keyboards. The main reason is the stellar precision they provide. By adding a mouse to your keyboarding setup, you can land a headshot 10 times in three seconds by clicking on it. Using a keyboard is advantageous, especially if you’re competing in esports tournaments.

Unlike controllers, customization is seamless and practical with a gaming keyboard. Due to the vast array of buttons available on a keyboard, you can easily set hotkeys.

You can also set macro keys, executing two actions in one tap! However, note that macros are banned on official events, as they give you an undue advantage. However, you can still use them to have fun when playing with friends and other gamers in unofficial tournaments.

What part of the divide will suit your gaming aspirations?

Custom controllers and keyboards are both great options. These mediums give you the luxury of customizing buttons to fit your gaming preferences. However, it’s tough to be proficient in the use of both. So, what factors should you consider to ensure that you make the right pick?

As mobile devices are to online slots, you would be better off using a controller if you play racing, fighting and arcade games. The joysticks on controllers allow you to move in almost any direction, and you won’t get that same fluidity with the analog buttons on keyboards.

However, if you’re a fan of FPS games such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, using a keyboard is ideal as it allows you to execute multiple combos effortlessly.