Why Should E-Commerce Businesses Rely on CRM Tools for Customer Engagement and Retention?

There’s no denying that every eCommerce businesses strive hard to maintain healthy customer engagement and retention strategy because customers are the key to better traffic, leads, and conversions. The most effective approach to monitoring customer engagement is through CRM software.

The best CRM software solutions in the market assist eCommerce businesses in various aspects ranging from sales, marketing, and analytics to workflow automation, customer security, social media integration, and an active payment gateway.

Here’s an in-depth account of how CRM systems can help enhance customer experience and retention.

1. Maintaining Communication With Customers

Every sound CRM system offers marketing automation functionality.

If you have permission to contact your customers, you can automate the regular emails sent to them. It could be a newsletter or a basic PR article that informs them about the available offers and any new product that you may have launched. Your customers will appreciate the emails if they find the content engaging, and informative.

Another approach of leveraging market automation is by scheduling the emails beforehand to be sent out on specific days, for example, on holidays, customer’s birthday, etc. You can use these emails to offer a promotional code that may entitle them for a discount or some free treat. This feature is one of the most critical uses of CRM systems to enhance the customer experience.

However, when it comes to marketing automation, the possibilities are endless. Some of the best CRM software systems recognized by leading firms like Goodfirms are EngageBay CRM, messenger-based amoCRM, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce CRM, and Zoho CRM, amongst many others.

2. Personalization of Communication

A CRM system not only executes automated communication, but it also helps in customization/personalization of conversations with the customers. For example, studies carried by Campaign Monitor report that 70% of customers tend to open an email to know about discounts offered while 26% open emails due to the personalized subject line.

CRM system allows personalization of the subject line along with the email body. Personalization propels the email open rate and also facilitates the building of an instant bond with the customers.

3. Targeting Relevant Customers with Relevant Information

CRM software system assists segregating the email list and thereby send targeted content to the targeted customer. The software makes use of the customer database to provide them with the content they are looking for.

The data comprises age, gender, interests, location, industry, and hobbies. Sending appropriate information to the targeted customer keeps them happy and fascinated with emails.

4. Better Understanding of Customers

CRM systems enhance customer retention by garnering enough information about their interests, specifically the products they are interested in. Suppose a customer clicked a link in an email about a particular product, then probably, they’re thinking about purchasing a product.

Based on the information about them, businesses can make an exciting offer customized to their taste, which can prompt them to buy the product. This exercise finally results in excellent customer experience and revenue for the company.

5. Provides Consistent Experience

One of the many ways CRM systems enhance overall customer experience is by providing a consistent experience. When discussing consistency, think about Dominos. Stuffed garlic bread is one of Domino’s most famous servings. No matter the place, it’s garlic bread tastes yummy all across and so is their service.

By the same token, better customer experience is guaranteed as CRM helps businesses automate steps and thereby offer consistent customer experience. Suppose a customer fills a contact form on the business website; in response, CRM should readily reply to them with a thank you email and with an assurance that someone will be in touch with them ASAP.

Following this, the system should assign a correspondent to deal with the customer’s queries. These steps will ensure that customers are impressed with consistency and efficiency and that no customer inquiries go unanswered.

Wrapping Up

There you go! 5 ways CRM systems improve customer experience, thereby enhancing customer retention and enhancing customer engagement. The systems are ideal for engaging both existing customers as well as prospects; not to mention they are crucial for both large and small eCommerce businesses.

Compared to the benefits, the investment is negligible, so companies should go ahead and invest in one without much forethought.

Author Bio- Hi There, I am Shaun Williams, a content writer with Goodfirms, a research platform for Software development and Digital marketing companies, among many others. I enjoy communicating ideas and knowledge creatively and also ensure that the readers never suffer from boredom while reading my posts.