Lead Generation In E-Commerce: Making Sure It Works For You

E-commerce and lead generation can sometimes feel at odds with each other. If you’re running an online store, lead generation is a vital part of bringing people into your business. There are customers on your website browsing and there are those that need that extra push to buy from you.

So what are the things that we need to remember that can bring a customer into the fold, and be someone who doesn’t just use our services, but engages with us on a regular basis?

Finding the Right Person

It’s called a buyer persona, someone who has the vital characteristics that will buy your products from your services. Finding the right type of person can be difficult, but as soon as you determine the right buyer persona, you can streamline your marketing efforts far more effectively and get the right leads and is something used in a wide variety of environments.

Companies like Linked Hacker that work for B2B businesses work with companies to get more quality leads. It’s not about casting the net wider to get a good number of leads, but more about finding the right people who will purchase your services.

The Benefits of Discounts 

Offers and discounts are what can inspire people to purchase a specific item. If you offer one item, for example, a shampoo product that is normally 33% more than the rest of the items in stock, the customer could very well go for that higher-priced item purely because it is on offer.

In addition, you could inspire people to purchase with coupons. So many people love to get a 5% discount off at the checkout because this effectively translates to not having to pay for postage and packaging. Using this in conjunction with time-sensitive offers can help people to access the items you have on offer.

Help Leads Find You

Rather than going out and finding the right buyer persona, and using the abundance of analytics tools to find out when people access your website and/or what pages they use, you could use search engine optimization as part of your lead generation strategy.

Many people use SEO as a way to bring traffic, but if you start to use the best SEO practices, such as building inbound links, keywords, shareable content, and the right search terms that people use, you could very well see a massive difference in the number of people that come to your website.

Creating Inbound Content

The typical e-commerce store may not use its content the right way. Marketing content such as buyer guides and blogs can help to generate followers in other ways. Sharing content can gradually accumulate more leads when you start promoting it via other channels, such as social media, and this will help you to establish yourself as an authority.

When you finally start to make a name for yourself, you will see the leads come to you when they want to make a purchase.

Lead generation is something that can work very effectively in e-commerce. It’s important to remember that there are many methods available, but do it right and you can upgrade your e-commerce store greatly.