5 Essential Items A Working New-Mom Should Buy

There are a lot of conflicting emotions that most mothers experience when returning to work after having a baby. You may be feeling anxious with the thought of leaving your baby in the care of someone else but there is also a part of you that’s excited to go back to a job you have some idea how to do.

It makes perfect sense to get all those emotions because it is a major transition and many women, especially first-time moms are having the same dilemma. 

Here are the 5 essential items we can suggest for working new-mommas out there!

Breast pumps

One of the many struggles of a working mom is to sustain her milk supply without the baby who used to be on her breast all the time, especially those who are exclusively breastfeeding. Only having the option to pump during your break time and the adjustment that you have to go through juggling work and family, it is not a surprise that your milk supply is declining.

We recommend that you start with the right breast pump. Hospital-grade breast pumps are the best one for faster and more efficient pumping. It is also important to make sure you get the perfect fit flange for your breast size as it affects your output. 

Video baby monitor 

It is understandable that you like to see your baby at all times, but you can’t possibly be with them all the time. Investing in a good quality and effective baby monitor will not be a waste of your money. Having this device gives you peace of mind by seeing your baby’s activity when they are with a nanny and you’re not physically with them.

It is not only beneficial when you are about to return to work, in fact, most moms use a baby monitor as early as newborn stage, especially if you are blessed with twins. You will be extra busy taking care of two babies so it is recommended to get the best baby monitor for twins, to help give you an extra set of eyes to watch over them. Giving you the peace of mind you need, while you go about doing other things. It’s good to purchase a product that has two cameras so that you can monitor both children simultaneously. 

Large working bag

You surely would not want to let your fashion sense fall just because you had a baby. You will need a bag that’s functional enough to carry everything you need including your breast pumps. Find the best breast pump bag that does its job with style. Remember that aside from your personal stuff, you also need to consider the pump motor, flange,  backflow protector, milk bags and others. 

Music & Lights Seat

You will need an item like this to entertain your little one should circumstances arise and you need to take home some unfinished task or work on a report deadline.  It can support babies in early seating position while keeping them happily engaged with fun activities including a light up and sounds. Another benefit is it stimulates sensory development and helps build their motor skills. 

Infant Car Seat Stroller

This will be useful should you decide to go for a child daycare instead of a nanny. It is a great option because the process of unbuckling from the car seat and rebuckling into the stroller sometimes  causes your sleeping baby to wake up. There’s no need to remove your child from their own infant carrier straps. 

We all know that it is not easy to be a mom. Whether you chose to be a stay at home mom or go back to work after your maternity leave, you will still have that feeling of not being enough. So always remember that you are doing the best that you can to make both ends meet. Way to go momma!