The Best Features Of Green Homes

Many homeowners are coming around to the idea of establishing an environmentally-friendly home. If you pay attention to current events, you can see that our somewhat reckless ways of living have negatively impacted the environment on a monumental level.

Climate change is slowly destroying our planet. And while some people think that the changes won’t affect them, they’re terribly misinformed. As climate change continues to get worse, you can expect shorter growing seasons, longer droughts, and more frequent and severe natural disasters.

Fortunately, the more people who invest in green homes and sustainable living, the sooner the planet can heal itself. Then, it will continue to provide for us and protect us.

The question is, aside from the perks of helping the planet and saving money, what are some of the best features of green homes? What makes this lifestyle worth living?

Keep reading to find out.

Clean, Renewable Energy

A clean, renewable energy system is the staple of green home designs. The burning of fossil fuels to create energy is one of the biggest contributing factors to climate change.

Installing solar panels on your home and powering your house through the sun is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. With state solar incentives, federal tax credits, and cost savings, there’s hardly a reason not to make the switch. Follow this link to find some awesome content on how solar panels can help you save tons of money every year.

High-Efficiency Electronics and Appliances

Green homes should come equipped with high-efficiency appliances and electronics. This is especially true since you’ll be using solar energy to power your home.

We recommend using Energy Star appliances and electronics. They are government-certified to use less electricity. You can find Energy Star products from TVs to refrigerators.

To maximize your sustainable living, we also suggest finding low-flow faucets, showers, toilets, and appliances that use water.

Top-Notch Insulation

One of the most important green home features is updated insulation. This includes dual-pane windows that use gas between the panes to better insulate the window. The more efficient your insulation is, the less energy it will take to moderate your home’s internal temperature.

This will place less of a demand on your heating and cooling system. This is important because heating and cooling are the two biggest energy demands on your home.

Reclaimed or Sustainable Materials

Finally, the best green homes are those that are built with sustainable materials. You can also use reclaimed materials which will reduce your consumerism, recycle material, and cut costs.

If you don’t have access to reclaimed materials, consider sustainable materials. These include bamboo, concrete, cork, straw, recycled plastic products, and more. The less impact your home has on the environment, the better. You can use these materials for everything from walls and floors to countertops and furniture.

Do You Like These Features of Green Homes?

If sustainable living is important to you, looking into green homes is one of the first steps you should take toward a more environmentally-friendly way of life. The features above are just a few examples of the things you’ll be able to enjoy in sustainable home designs.

But don’t stop there. Look through our website to find more articles on green living to learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and live more consciously.