Tips to Find a Part-time Job in Singapore

The modern economy has become highly uncertain. Turbulence and political uncertainties have made the scene worse. A Large number of businesses have shut their units. Also, many ventures are witnessing heavy losses.

Additionally, the backlog of unemployment adds woes to the situation. So, landing a job has become difficult and daunting. In such a scenario, getting a part-time job in Singapore tends to be a better option. Such a job lets you get along with your struggle and studies. You may even supplement your existing income with a part-time job.

How to get part-time jobs?

Many individuals understand the relevance of part-time jobs. However, a majority of them fail to find such jobs. On the other hand, some folks manage to bag such a job. A significant number of individuals even earn more than a full-time job. If you wish to be among these successful aspirants, follow this simple guide.

Complete a certificate course

The job market has turned saturated. Take a look at any field. You’ll find thousands of applicants for hundreds of positions. In such a competitive scenario, you need something that will give you an edge. An extra certificate comes in handy here.

For example, if you’re pursuing a graduate degree in finance, you may join a certificate course in accounting or a related subject. That will make your resume better. While you may have to put in extra effort and time for the course, your efforts will pay off over time.

Make an appealing resume

Even if you haven’t finished your degree, you may draft your resume. However, before you do that, make sure to finish the certificate course. A small certificate will give you big returns over and over. Take time to craft a lovely resume. Don’t use common templates. Instead, pick something unique that will make your resume stand out in the eyes of potential employers.

Market yourself

Just like a product, you need to market yourself. Post your resume on popular recruitment websites. Make sure you review the credibility of the site before pasting your credentials. You don’t want to land in a problem by having your resume on a scam site. Someone might use a copy of your resume for a part-time job in Singapore. So, beware of this point and assess the reputation of recruitment websites.

Seek references

Simply posting your resume won’t land you a part-time job in this competitive era. You ought to put in more effort. So, seek references from people in your touch about part-time jobs. Also, check popular journals and newspapers on Saturdays and Sundays. Cover every resource to find open positions in your desired field.

Above all, don’t forget to explore social media platforms such as LinkedIn. You’d be surprised to learn that the platform has grown as a hub for job-seekers and recruiters. A little bit of legwork and creativity should help you find a suitable position.

Final thoughts

Finding a job may be difficult, especially when pursuing your studies. However, getting a part-time job in Singapore isn’t difficult. Just follow the above advice, and you may land an ideal position matching your specifics.