Strike Gold in Unmined Places: How to Find Hidden Scholarships for International Study

Did you know that less than 1% of students receive a full scholarship? However, that number might be higher if more people knew about places to find less well-known scholarships for international study.

People are creating new scholarships all the time. Of course, every student in the world does not suddenly become aware of a scholarship because it is created. There is a huge list of scholarships that many students are completely oblivious to.

International study can be expensive, so it is worth taking the time to find all the hidden scholarships you may not be aware of. Read on to learn all about how you can find hidden scholarships that will help you fund your international study ambitions!

Ask Everybody Who Might Know Something

Many people do not take advantage of the fact that they have a direct connection to people who may have spent literally decades dealing with scholarships for students. The admissions department at your school and all kinds of advisers at your college can give you hints about where to find great scholarships.

You should ask your advisers about any specific scholarships they personally know about. On top of that, you should ask for other general approaches you can use to find even more scholarships.

Find Retail Business Scholarships

Many international students don’t realize that large companies often offer scholarships. In fact, if you Google the top 100 businesses along with the word “scholarship”, you will probably find many scholarship opportunities.

Apply as Early as Possible

Having a huge list of scholarships to apply for is great. But if you apply too late, it will not be worth anything. You can increase your scholarship money by applying as early as possible.

This one tip all by itself can help you obtain thousands more dollars than you otherwise would have.

Fill Out Applications Carefully

When it comes to scholarships for international study, quantity is not everything. Quality is also important. Give each application the attention it deserves.

You can fill out 100 applications for scholarships for international students. But if the applications are not very good, you probably won’t win any scholarships. It can be better to fill out just 10 applications well.

Find Unique Scholarship Opportunities

There are unique scholarship opportunities that almost nobody knows about. For example, a duct tape company offers a $10,000 scholarship for students who create a prom dress out of their duct tape.

The more that you learn about international student scholarships, the more you might wish you knew how to apply to them.

Finding the right information about how to apply for scholarships for international students can make all of the difference.

Maximize Your Scholarships for International Study

We hope this article on the best places to look for extra scholarships for the international study was helpful. It can take a fair amount of extra time to look around for all the scholarships available.

But doing so is a huge investment in your future education. It can also help you decrease the amount of money that you need to borrow.

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