How Well Do Foggers Work for Mosquitoes?

If you enjoy hanging out in the backyard, or you like going on picnics, having pool parties, or simply live in warm weather, you might already be familiar with the annoyance of mosquitoes. It may often seem like they just wait for you to come out so they can annoy with their buzzing and to bite the living lights out of you!

Mosquitoes are crazy like that. That is why you will, and probably already are, using some form of insecticide. Many find insecticides or other forms futile or find them to only be effective temporarily. This is where mosquito foggers come in.

Firstly, a mosquito fogger is a device in which you insert the insecticide solution which then turns the solution into a fog. It is very effective and will kill all mosquitoes, or repel them. The effects of this fog will last for a long time, so you won’t have to treat the area as frequently as you used to.

Foggers come in all shapes and sizes and this how-to guide will help you choose between foggers and compare if you are confused as to which one you should buy. It will guide you through the variant tools you can find, designs, the potency of chemicals, and other features like weight and performance.  

Before buying a fogger, it is beneficial to understand the differences in the underlying technologies of the different types of foggers available on the market, as well as understanding the chemicals used in mosquito repulsion. 


Chemicals used in a fogger are quite different from those used in other bug sprays. For example, you will find larvicides, which will be used to kill mosquitoes on the surface of the water, and adulticides which are used to kill adult insects that are likely to spread viruses. The other ingredients are not as potent as adulticides and larvicides and they could be found in other bug sprays, which is often the reason why they are not as strong.

If you are worried that chemicals are harmful to you or your children, don’t worry. The chemicals in the fog are not concentrated enough (it is fog after all) to cause harm to humans. If you are still concerned, you can wear a mask while spraying the area and have anyone else coming into contact with the fog wear one as well. 

Propane foggers for outdoor use

Propane foggers are pretty powerful and the effects of the fog will remain for hours after using it. It covers a large space as it spreads, so this will be quite beneficial if you have a vast area to cover. They are also expensive, so if you are investing in one, put it to good use and do not just apply the fog in every which way. 

First, you will have to identify where those nasty creatures reside. They might be around trees, shrubbery, rain gutters, metal barrels with water, swamps, ditches, or any place with still water. Then, you will have to buy insecticides which, remember, will have to include ingredients like larvicides and adulticides. Finally, apply the fog to the areas in which the insects live to get rid of them for a long time. 

Cold foggers for best results

Cold foggers or ULV foggers are best known for their use of electricity. Some people might prefer to use it as there is no solution burnt in the process of creating the fog, unlike thermal foggers, which will burn a small amount of solution as it creates fog. Another advantage cold foggers have is the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors. Unlike thermal foggers, they are perfectly safe for indoor usage. 

You can use residual chemicals for this type as they are more suitable for usage inside the house; they could be applied to corners as they will have a ‘residual’ effect and get rid of those mosquitoes for good. Non-residual chemicals are best suited for outdoor usage. They are so powerful you won’t have to reapply after a while, but it might affect other species that were within the fog’s radius. 

You will definitely find foggers more potent and effective than other methods of getting rid of mosquitoes and insects in general. Finding the right one will be dependent on the size of the place you’re intending on treating, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and which chemicals you are going to use. So, choose what fits you and your family and rid your residence of mosquitoes.