10 Fun Things To Do On A Kid’s Trampoline This Summer

Summer is here, and so is the bounce season! There’s literally nothing better than bouncing up and down and all around on a trampoline when the sun shines and the birds are chirping.

Okay, while that might’ve been a bit too much of a cliche, it really is true. Families who own trampolines love this time of the year as it allows them to enjoy screen-free time together as a family without going anywhere from the comfort of their home. Today’s kids’ trampoline for sale are like playcenters; expect extra features like tents, basketball hoops and more to be available for extra price.

Yet, sometimes we don’t know what to do. For those moments, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fun things to do this summer on a kids trampoline.

1. Trampoline Picnic

Perhaps the most fun to organize! Summer picnics are a low-effort way to spend screen-free time with your kids. Engage them in preparing the food for the picnic and pack it into beautiful boxes. Get the basket, put the lunch boxes into it and don’t forget about beverages! The trampoline mat can act as a place for the picnic. Bring some pillows and blankets to make it more cozy. But remember! Don’t bring anything sharp to the mat and clean right after the picnic is finished.

2. Obstacle Course

Another classic with a twist! Children have always made obstacle courses (I mean, haven’t you when you were a kid?) and trampoline is just the perfect addition to it! Help your kids build a safe yet fun obstacle course and incorporate the kids trampoline into it. You can google for some trampoline games if you are out of ideas on what to do on it. Measure the time on who runs through the obstacle course the fastest.

3. TikTok trend video

These days, it’s common to see parents doing TikTok videos together with their kids. If your kids are at least 13 (since that’s the age limit of TikTok) and they are into it, you may come up with a fun way to create a popular trend video on a trampoline.

People on TikTok love it when trends are interpreted differently, so who knows, maybe a funny trampoline TikToks could be your thing! You can use the trampoline as a stage or platform or come up with something even more creative.

4. Basketball games

Did you know that a trampoline can turn into a basketball arena?!

Yes, that’s true. The basketball hoop is the new craze among trampoline enthusiasts. Many manufacturers have created their versions of the hoop to attract existing customers to expand their horizons of what trampolining can be at its best. If you are looking for a kids’ trampoline to which a basketball hoop can be assembled, check ACON’s trampolines for kids as well as the accessories page to see the options.

5. Trampoline yoga

Sometimes it’s all about the balance. While we often think that kids’ activities must be highly intense, that’s not the case. Sometimes it’s good to take a breather and practice some yoga in a kid-friendly environment. Trampoline yoga combines the bouncy and uneven platform with yoga moves, making it a fun challenge for kids and parents alike. Try various poses and see who’s the trampoline yoga guru in your family!

6. Movie night

Another classic activity in a new setting. Once the night falls, it’s time to bring a projector (or a laptop) outside to watch a movie. Choose the movie together, prepare beverages and snacks and make your trampoline as cozy as it can be. If you’re gonna spend some time in front of the screen, why not put it outside?

7. Sleepover

Do you want to take the movie night idea one step further? Trampoline sleepover ideas are everywhere on the internet. Kids, teens and families all enjoy this truly magical experience. This activity is perfect for stargazing, too. Imagine how safe it feels inside a trampoline with an enclosure! Remember sleeping bags or, if you have a trampoline tent, assemble that for an enhanced experience.

8. Trampoline Olympics

Ready, set, go! Create your own Olympic events and organize family Olympics! The trampoline event can be about performing a show or nailing a single move, while crawling under rope could be another. Create 4-6 different challenges to tackle together as a family and give points to each other (in good spirit, of course!) performances.

9. Neighborhood gathering

Are you close with your neighbors? Why not invite them to a BBQ party? The neighborhood kids will love the opportunity to bounce on the trampoline while parents can easily monitor them yet enjoy their time at the same time. Put some decorations around the trampoline and make it the centerpiece of the party!

10. Reading time

Do you enjoy reading to your child? Why not try it on a trampoline? A soothing bounce will relax your child while you are reading their favorite book to them. As with many previous activity ideas, this experience can be as low or high effort as you make it. You can simply go to the trampoline with your child and read, or you can make the best of it and bring all kinds of comfy things to enjoy the reading time to the most.

The trampoline for kids is for adults, too.

This is the summer of bounces! The summer is the perfect time to jump on a kids’ trampoline and have fun. We promise you’ll never run out of thrilling activities to enjoy together. When buying a trampoline for kids, keep safety in mind and choose one with an enclosure. Enjoy the bouncing adventures – happy bouncing!