5 Great Investment Options You Should Consider

Today, South Africa’s economy is still recovering from the Covid-19 blow. The global pandemic has caused multiple financial setbacks in the country. 2022 is still very new, and most business people are still trying to map out their investment plans.

Unfortunately, investment options are not so many, no thanks to Covid-19. This is why it is vital to learn about the opportunity to trade in 2022. The following are some of the best investment options to consider in 2022.

1. African Tech Startups

Investing in African tech startups is something that most successful business people will recommend to you. The tech startups are extensively known for their high level of innovation, remarkable social impacts, and sizeable return opportunities. Also, there is an exciting deal of social good to be done once you choose to invest in African startups.

2. Treasury Bills And Bonds

Due to their low-risk nature, opting to invest in bonds and treasury bills can be a great choice. The goodness with bonds is that they pay a fixed rate of interest, which will provide you with a steady income stream. As an investor, this is good news. Through bonds, you get steady returns that help offset potential losses.

Also, other investors will highly recommend you to treasury bills since it is virtually impossible to lose money. This makes treasury bonds and bills a safe investment vehicle.

3. Stock Exchange Markets

African bank stocks are another great option you can invest in. Around the continent, there are over twenty-five stock exchanges that have well-performing stocks listed on them. This makes investing in stock exchanges something you should do. Note, investing in stocks from different companies will help you build savings, protect your money from taxes and inflation and also maximize income from investments.

4. Crypto Assets And NFTs

Around the globe, cryptocurrency has become a practical option in investments. Cryptocurrencies, together with NFTs, are assets that could generate a lot of money. Once you decide to invest in these assets, ensure that you are careful since crypto-assets can be very risky.

If you are looking forward to gaining direct exposure to the demand for digital currency, then crypto assets will help you with just that. An added advantage is that you can quickly transfer asset ownership with NFTs.

5. Agriculture

You can also consider making your investments in agriculture. The good thing about putting your money behind food and crop production, processing, or distribution is that you will always make returns. This is mainly because humans will need food every day. Consider investing in agriculture directly or through companies that specialize in that. One good example of how to invest in agriculture is agritech startups.


This year, make sure you are very careful with what you invest in. Ensure that you do not invest all your money in something you are not sure of. Also, avoid putting a lot of your money in assets such as crypto that are of high risk. It would be best if you worked smart by spreading out your portfolios. There is no better time to invest than now.