Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

One of the questions we keep getting asked by prospective customers, at First Choice Wildlife Services, is why should I hire a professional wildlife removal company when I could do it by myself?

And we thought we’d take a moment to address that clearly, in a full-blown post, since there are a couple of things to discuss here.

Can you do it yourself?

A lot of homeowners, disgruntled by the costs and stress of hosting a nuisance wild animal on their property, are quite tempted by all the DIY removal options they find online. From DIY traps to natural deterrents, the Internet is rife with measures you can implement yourself, to rid your home of wild animals for good.

And while some of these steps can actually be quite effective, most DIY wildlife removal methods only go so far (spoiler: it’s not very far, at all). The thing is when you try DIY wildlife removal, you aren’t getting any guarantees, so sure, there’s a small chance your efforts might work. But there’s usually a bigger chance they won’t.

Why? Because there are a bunch of things most people don’t take into account when attempting DIY removal, like attraction points, entry places, neighborhoods, and a bunch of other things. More often than not, our customers end up seeking professional help, after a long, tedious, and fruitless attempt at DIY removal.

So why not save yourself some time?

Our 3 favorite reasons for hiring a professional wildlife removal company

1. It’s safe.

One thing you shouldn’t mess about when it comes to wild animals is that they are unpredictable, and can carry a host of serious disease-inducing bacteria. This means that if the animal thinks you’re trying to corner it or attack it in any way (which you are, kind of, when you try to trap it), it may scratch, bite or otherwise attack you, and thus infect you.

When you hire a professional wildlife removal company, you’re avoiding this risk. First of all, professionals wear the appropriate protective equipment that will keep them safe, even if they get attacked.

Not only that, but professional wildlife removal teams also have the necessary experience, to know how to safely and effectively trap a wild animal, while avoiding an attack, or possible infection.

2. Pros have better equipment.

Sure, you can buy a trap by yourself, at a specialty store. But it doesn’t really compare to the professional wildlife removal equipment that these companies use. They’ve got all the necessary gear for a flawless, smooth operation that’s quick, in-and-out, and involves the minimum amount of hassle.

A professional wildlife removal company will offer you efficient and humane animal trapping and removal equipment, with guaranteed efficiency.

3. A professional will also help you with prevention.

One of the best things about a professional wildlife removal company is that they won’t just trap and remove the animal and be on their way. A vital part of the process is home assessment.

This means they will look at your home from all possible angles, in order to determine where the animal entered through, and what attracted it to your home in the first place. They will give you a detailed assessment of the steps you can take to minimize the risk of a future wildlife infestation.

See, if you tried DIY removal, you might get rid of the animal, but as long as you don’t address the other factors – such as why or how the animal came in – then you’re just waiting for an encore.

As a bonus, wildlife removal companies also offer professional cleaning and repair services, to restore your home to its original pre-infestation stage. This is important because it removes bacteria and other serious dangers from wild animal infestation. While the cleaning/restoration service will probably come at an additional charge, we reckon it’s well worth it, since it’s done using top-of-the-line professional equipment.

So all in all, yes, you could try to do all of this yourself, but when you add up the costs of pro equipment, cleaning and protective supplies, not to mention the stress and physical effort – you’re better off calling a pro.