Home Transformation Tips To Fit Your Budget

From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms, everybody wants to feel house-proud, but not all can afford a beautifully decorated home to impress family friends and guests, but adding your personal touches to make your house feel like a home does not always have to break the bank, so here are a few home transformation tips to fit your budget.


If you’re looking to add some personality into your kitchen, then there is no need to spend fortunes as contemporary acrylic kitchen splashbacks can just do that well, acting as an alternative to more expensive options such as traditional tiling and glass. There are coloured options to give your kitchen some personality, black and white acrylic or even clear one to suit any styles.

Splashbacks are not only functional as they can protect your wall from any splashes while cooking, but also a great interior decorative piece to transform the look of your kitchen. More benefits of acrylic kitchen splashbacks are that they are so simple and easy to clean.


Much like kitchens, simply the idea of doing up your bathroom sounds expensive as appliances and materials can generally add up, but there are a few low-cost alternatives to add a little something to our bathrooms.

A great tip for giving your bathroom a fresh look is to replace your cabinet hardware with shiny new ones, as buying and installing new cabinets can be very expensive. And new handles have a great way to give your existing ones a new lease of life.

These tips for saving money can also work for giving your sink a spruce as installing a new tap is a cheap and easy DIY idea that can give your bathroom the illusion of being new without having to replace your entire sink.


Although your bedroom is not seen by many people who would visit your home, it is an important room for many people as it is a personal place for relaxation. So it is important that you feel comfortable and love the decor.

Adding wallpaper is a great way to change the look of them. Whether it’s just on one wall or you want to be bold and put it on all walls, you are able to get a fresh look as well as being able to move it or replace it whenever you become tired of the look and can change it for a different pattern or go back to paint. Click here to check how much does it cost to paint an apartment.

When picking wallpaper for your bedroom it’s always good to go for a mix of warm and cool colours to ensure that there is a balance between a feeling of serenity and also happiness. Although it’s important to not go too wacky with your bedrooms as you may find it hard to chill out, there is no harm in adding a pop of colour if the room is full of grey tones which can look tired and boring.