Unique Yet Affordable Housewarming Gift Ideas Under $25

It’s moving day! After days of packing, unpacking, and arranging things, the house finally looks like a home.

If your friends or siblings are finally moving into their new home, it’s time to celebrate this big step with a housewarming party. To ease off the stress of getting the perfect present, we prepared for you the ideal housewarming gifts your loved ones would genuinely appreciate.

There are presents here for the techy couple, the ones that enjoy minimalist designs, and even for the chefs at heart. The best part? They are affordable! Go ahead, and pick what you’d like best. 

1. Indoor Plants: for the dinosaur-lover/new chefs

The pandemic turned us into better cooks, poets, or gardeners. If your friend became addicted to planting herbs during the pandemic, then they’d undoubtedly appreciate these Mason Jar Indoor Planters. They’d hug you tightly if they also love dinosaurs!

These colorful dinosaurs also have absorbent tongues that wick water into the plants, so your desk or the kitchen countertop doesn’t get messy! These babies are also very affordable and priced for $14.00 only.

2. Keyring: for the germaphobes

Speaking of pandemics — it also taught us to be careful with what we touch (and sanitize always!).

If you’re like us and now find it cringy to touch anything in public spaces, then you surely need a Non-Contact Hygiene Keyring! It has a precision tip to help you press elevator buttons and an ergonomic hook design for opening doors and turning handles. It is affordable, priced at $10.00.

3. Lamp: for the kids and kids at heart

Friends with little kids at home or your own best friend would surely love this 3D Lamp Light from Hoofun. For only $13.99, friends can enjoy this durable and energy-saving lamp. It even changes into seven different colors! Cool right?

4. Toolkit: for the ones that like to fix things at home

If your loved ones prefer fixing minor damages at home by themselves, it’s doubtful they’d say no to a 29-piece General Household Tool Set.

This $25-priced set also has a tire-shaped toolbox, a perfect toy for big boys. It is also suitable for temporary household maintenance as the materials are of high-quality carbon steel.

5. Cutting Board: for your favorite chefs

Are your best friends or siblings the chef in the group? Then a Personalized Cutting Board will not fail as a housewarming gift. They can use this $24.95 chopping board for all their cutting needs with a smile as customized engravings also greet their eyes.

These cutting boards are also available in different types of wood, design, and size. 

6. Cheese Board: for those that host the dinner parties

If you’re on the hunt for a useful housewarming party gift, this Bamboo Cheese Board with Knife Set would be the best way to go!

This cheese serving platter tray isn’t only ideal for your loved ones with a new home; it’s also perfect for those that love to host dinner parties all the time. It also has side handles that can hold the dip, making it easier to serve food with art!

7. Bottle of Wine: for the wine connoisseur

What’s the use of a tasty charcuterie without wine? Take this Lussory Premium Merlot for your wine-lover friends or family. This non-alcoholic red wine has flavors of maroon red, with aromas of fruits and vanilla notes. It also has a lovely fluidity with fruity notes and persistent tannins.

Loved ones could also pop open this $24.00 Merlot on nights they need to celebrate special occasions. 

8. Wine Set of Four: for those that enjoy late-night drinks

Pair your other friend’s wine gift with some glasses of wine.

These Italian Wine Glasses carry luxury in all its angles. Its exquisite clarity is sure to turn heads and would undoubtedly add beauty to your loved one’s bar top. For only $24.99, they get to “Netflix and chill” with class.

9. Candle Care Set: for those that can’t live without scented candles

If the candle lover in your life doesn’t already have a bell snuffer, wick trimmer, or dipper, this Candle Care Kit will be the perfect addition to their new home.

This candle set from Anthropologie includes accessories that help you optimize and take better care of your loved ones’ home fragrances. It’s perfect for those that prefer their things to look minimalist. It’s also a great haggle for its affordable price — $24.00.

10. Waterproof Shower Speaker: for those that love to sing in the shower

Encourage a new homeowner to ditch their old phone speakers and use this Waterproof Shower Speaker instead. It is also dustproof and shockproof and can be fully immersed underwater for up to 30 minutes. 

This affordable shower speaker would be a favorite for those who love to have a concert in the shower. It is also available in six colorways and is priced at $23.68 only.

11. Silk Pillowcase: for those that need to sleep in classy pillowcases

A friend that needs to sleep in the most comfortable and chicest pillowcases would love this Lacette Silk Pillowcase. For only $19.99, they get to enjoy a good night’s sleep, the classy way.

A satisfied customer had high praises of the product. She said, “I’ve used satin or so-called ‘silk’ pillowcases in the past. This one really does what is described. I purchased this product primarily for my hair, which was usually dried out and very messed up from sleeping on a regular pillowcase. Now I can comb through my fine hair easily in the morning.”

12. Record ACovers Book: for those with a penchant for classical music

Any music or art fan would love flipping through this 1000 Record Covers Book — and it’s also for a very affordable price of $20 too.

Inside the book are the most iconic album covers from the 60s to 90s, featuring emblematic artwork and memorable cover sleeves from our favorite classics. This book is a trip down memory lane and a study of the evolution of music. Indeed, it’s a real treat for the music and art buff friends.

Enjoy the housewarming party!

When shopping for a housewarming gift for a friend or family, you need to match it with the home’s aesthetic. It’s also best to get them something they will enjoy for a long time.

Whatever you do, give them a gift that they will love and actually use. Enjoy the party!