How To Tell If You Need A Drug Injury Lawyer

Every year, millions of people suffer from injuries caused by defective drugs and wrongful prescriptions. Many of the victims end up in emergency rooms, with some suffering long-term health issues, disabilities, and death in the worst-case scenario.

It is sad, that in most of these cases, drug manufacturers, doctors, and pharmacists are to blame. Some of these injuries could result from hurtful side effects, taking too much of the drug while following your prescription, or even taking a drug that has been wrongfully prescribed by your health practitioner.

Well, some drug injuries may be so severe that they require hospitalization. In addition to hefty hospital bills and medical costs, they may also result in lost wages along with a lot of pain and suffering.

But considering that you or your loved one is suffering because of someone else’s negligence or misdoing, the at-fault individual needs to be held culpable in helping you to cover the costs and the damages resulting from the ordeal. You (or your loved one) need to be compensated for drug injuries as long as there’s proof that the said drugs were defective and that they caused the injuries in question.

But then again, drug manufacturers and health professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are insured. They are equipped with business and professional indemnity insurance policies in case such occurrences unfold.

This means that upon discovering that you were injured by a defective drug or a wrong prescription, you are most likely to battle the insurance company in court in case they fail to agree with your claims when you present them.

Thankfully, the law always seeks to protect its citizen’s rights. A good defective drug lawyer can help ensure that the insurer or person at fault compensates you or your loved one fairly for the harm suffered so you can try to get back to your life. They can negotiate with the insurance company for settlement or represent you in court to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

But how can you tell if you need a drug injury lawyer?

Understanding Who’s Responsible for Drug Injuries

Before a drug is considered safe for human consumption and allowed into the market, it has to pass various approval tests. Even after a drug passes clinical trials, the manufacturers have to observe certain guidelines of safety when producing, packaging and distributing the drug.

Also, medical personnel has to be fully knowledgeable about a drug before prescribing it to a patient. They have to prescribe the correct dosage based on the patient’s condition, medical history, allergies, and other factors. Pharmacists also have to ensure that the dosages are correct as recommended by doctors and the medicine is still okay to be dispensed.

This means that drug manufacturers, doctors, and pharmacists owe the duty of care to patients and can be held liable in a drug injury lawsuit. With this in mind, here are some ways to tell if you need a drug injury attorney.

You Suffered Serious Injuries After Taking a Drug

Taking an injurious drug can result in anything from mild side effects to injuries that prevent you from working or leading a normal life.

If the injuries occurred after being prescribed a particular drug, a recommended dosage increase, or a change of medication by your medical practitioner, it may be time to hire a drug injury lawyer. You may not be certain that the drug led to the said injuries, which brings us to the next important point.

A Different Practitioner Tells You So

Medical practitioners take an oath of practice. They vow to protect the interest, privacy, and health or their patients. If your previous doctor prescribes the wrong medication, another doctor might tell you and even urge you to seek justice.

If you get a different prescription, it’s important to ask the doctor why they changed your medication and seek to know if the previous one could have caused your injuries, pain, and suffering. Their confirmation can be a clear indication that you need to hire a drug injury attorney right away so medical negligence can be proved.  

Wrong Dosage or Expired Drugs  

As earlier mentioned, pharmacists are also prone to errors when dispensing medication. One of the most common errors is issuing expired drugs. They can also indicate the wrong dosage, which often leads to patients overdosing without their knowledge.

If you establish that the wrong dosage instructions indicated on the packaging, or the drugs were expired, don’t hesitate to call your drug injury attorney for advice and legal assistance.

It’s always important to attempt to seek information about a drug online, especially if you suspect it is causing your health problems. There are so many helpful resources over the internet these days, making it important to use reputed platforms when so doing. Nonetheless, the above are just a few telltale signs you need a drug injury attorney right away.