Can You Improve Your Skin With This New Resurfacing Serum?

Our facial skin is right out there in the elements. What we do can damage our skin and even what we eat or drink can cause skin damage. Playing in the sun without sunscreen can cause UV damage and wrinkles. Don’t even think about smoking and the serious skin damage that can cause.

So, now we have years of living and mistakes showing on our faces in the form of fine lines, brown spots, wrinkles, large pores, dryness, and more. Now there are products to help repair our facial skin and make us look our very best. Resurfacing serums show promise in repairing damaged skin.

What is a Resurfacing Serum?

An advanced resurfacing serum can be a retinol cream treatment designed to repair sun damage, smooth the skin, lift brown spots, reduce fine lines, treat wrinkles, and shrink large pores. The best serum is formulated to be used on sensitive skin and for people whose skin will not do well with prescription retinoids.

The serum might even be described as anti-aging. Retinol in the serum has skin thickening properties enhanced further by firming peptide and glucosamine. The whole serum is carried deep into a person’s skin with a liposomal delivery system.

People who check out this resurfacing serum find that it can encourage the repair of elastin and collagen. It uses soothing extracts to keep the skin calm and to avoid dryness, irritation, and peeling. As a person uses the serum over time, the skin will look younger and smoother. This resurfacing serum will actually erase some of the skin damage caused by years of living our lives.

Serums are most often water-based to allow for maximum absorption. Most resurfacing serums are meant to be used after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Does It Work?

Like everything else on the market, the results of the resurfacing serum depend on the brand you try and the active ingredients used. Before purchasing a product, look at online reviews and rating sites. This serum is expensive, so don’t purchase just any product.

One of the highly-rated resurfacing serums is by Renee Rouleau named Advanced Resurfacing Serum. It is pricy at $84.50 for an ounce but most users say it is worth the money because it really works. The container lasts for several months of use.

Don’t expect instant results from any product. The Renee Rouleau resurfacing serum takes a while to have noticeable effects. Be patient, the changes will become noticeable after a few weeks of regular use. Follow the directions for use for best results.

Using a product like this is less expensive and less intrusive than having spa treatments, cosmetic surgery, Botox, or added fillers. It may be a good plan to try this product first and use the more intrusive choices as the last resort. Because the serum has a thin, liquid texture, it is ideal for absorption into the skin for maximum benefits.

Some Reasons to Use Serums

The benefits associated with serums include:

  1. They are lightweight.
  2. They are fast-absorbing because of their small molecules.
  3. Serums don’t contain oil or silicones so they are unlikely to cause acne or clog pores.
  4. Serums can be very targeted so you can choose the one for the skin issues bothering you.
  5. Serums are very concentrated with active ingredients.
  6. Serums tend to be very effective because of the higher concentration of active ingredients.
  7. Serums can be layered with other skincare products. They are weightless in texture so you can use them under products such as moisturizer, sunscreens, or foundations.

Making the Results Last

As with any method of correcting skin damage, there is a price to pay beyond the cost of the product.

If you want to keep the better-looking skin, you need to make lifestyle changes. Protect that new skin from sun damage by wearing a high number sunblock when outdoors, wear a hat, and limit time spent outdoors when the sun is at its brightest. Don’t smoke or consume large amounts of alcohol which damages the skin. Learn to eat healthier foods. Use gentle facial care products. And last but not least, get enough sleep.

Is a Resurfacing Serum Right for You?

To decide if a resurfacing serum is right for you, read about the product and its ingredients. Does the resurfacing serum address the problems you have with your skin? Are you sensitive to retinol or other listed active ingredients? Can you afford the cost of the product?

There are several different types of serums including hydrating serums, antioxidant serums, brightening serums, clarifying serums, anti-aging serums, calming serums, and more.

The reason to choose the best type of serum for your needs is that each one has its own set of active ingredients. You need to read about each one and then choose the one that is best for your individual skin type and condition.

How to Add A serum to Your Beauty Routine

This is the order of skincare to consider when adding a serum.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and remove all residue. This is where you would use toner.
  2. For best results in serum absorption, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells.
  3. Now, apply acidic serums.
  4. Preferably wait about 20 minutes between acidic and non-acidic products.
  5. Finally apply other skincare products such as moisturizers or sunscreen. Moisturizer will seal the serum in the skin to work better.

What Should Not Be in Serums

Make the effort to find resurfacing serums that do not contain Parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, gluten, mineral oil, or petroleum. The products should not have been tested on animals.

But do look for active ingredients such as retinol, palmitoyl tripeptide-38, retinyl palmitate, and extracts of algae, licorice, or mugwort. These are all proven ingredients with benefits for the skin.

After checking out what is available and deciding which product is the right one, go ahead and purchase the serum and give it a good try. When you have chosen well and carefully follow the use directions, you should have positive results starting in a couple of weeks.