Installing a Driveway Gate: 5 Tips and Tricks

Home security is the top benefit of a driveway gate. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put effort into the more fun parts of the build. To make the entire project effortless, here are a few tips and tricks used by the pros.

1. Be Creative and Smart

Take a look at some of the creations that commercial welding professionals were hired to make. They are not all bombastic driveway gates that you see on multibillion-dollar properties.

What you’ll find from the best is a collection of well-designed and functional driveway gates. Although some television shows make it a point to highlight the glitzier gates, it’s the traditional ones that hold more value. No one wants the first thing on their property to be a boast of their opulence! Instead, a unique and creative driveway gate will leave a lasting impact without overshadowing the rest of the property.

2. Cost Matters

Sticking to your budget goes for any project. Driveway gates are particularly interesting depending on what you want done. Think of it like buying a boat for the first time and not factoring in fuel, licensing fees or maintenance. All of these things should go into the project cost, but for most buyers, they limit it to the initial purchase.

Once you decide to build a driveway gate, immediately factor in maintenance, hardware, materials and (possibly) labor. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a company, all of these costs need to be added upfront to the budget.

3. Choose the Right Materials

Don’t mess up the project by choosing the wrong gate material and design! This is not something that you can change midway through without completely blowing through the budget limit.

In fact, the design is the very first thing you are doing before the materials are even sourced – before moving on from the design phase, triple check everything that you have. If everything looks okay, then take a day to think it over before committing to the project. As for the materials, always make sure that the design won’t be altered majorly by the chosen type.

4. Is It Secure?

Despite everything that has been said so far, security is the top priority of a driveway gate. This comes down to the material, gate operator and location. Location is something that you have to consider long before the other security aspects of the gate. Getting the location wrong will completely ruin the functional intentions of the project.

5. Bells and Whistles

There are plenty of enhancements to round out a driveway gates’ features. A magnetic gate lock improves security, while well placed LED lights can serve both a design and functional purpose. To add a little flair, use modern AI technology to automate an existing gate that lacks the feature. You can always use add-ons without major costs or damaging your existing driveway gate.

A Great Solution

Change the way an area looks by creating the best driveway gate possible. It’s a project that invites a lot of unique ideas, and can often turn into a small part of a bigger phase. After finishing, it won’t be long before everyone in the area gets the same itch to build.