How To Keep Your Highly Trafficked Facility Clean And Safe

When you start your own business, you will realize there are many details, regardless of how minute, that deserve your attention and efforts. Keeping your office space clean is a good example of such details.

Unlike your home, maintaining your highly trafficked office or business is not easy to manage. You cannot turn a blind eye to it as you may sometimes do at home because this means the safety of your facility is compromised.

You know what they say; clear space, clear mind. So, if you want your employees to give their best at work, you have to make sure your workplace is always in tiptop shape and spanking clean.

To help you get started, here are some ideas on how to keep your highly trafficked facility clean and safe.

Hire a Trusted Office Cleaning Services Company

Instead of having a group of random cleaning people be responsible for cleaning your facility, it is much safer to entrust a professional cleaning services company with the task. Especially if it were a cleaning company specialized in office and commercial cleaning. These companies have the expertise and trained staff to deal with populated spaces, they know where to start and how to make their cleaning last.

If you operate from a city with challenging weather conditions you know what a nightmare it is to get snow slush stains in carpeting. Save yourself the hassle and find a specialized office cleaning services, that will help you handle the mess.

The best thing is you will not have to worry about having suspect strangers roaming your office since professional companies commonly provide you with authenticated background checks for all their staff. This will put your mind at ease and make it easier for you to give them access to your facility after working hours. 

Replace Inefficient Flooring Options and Furniture

Early on, when you were furnishing your office space, you should have thought beyond style and elegance. There is a reason offices and other public spaces usually look a little bland and plain-colored; it is because this makes the cleaning and maintenance much easier.

If your facility’s floors are completely covered in bright, white marble tiles that need to be polished very regularly, consider carpeting instead. Professional cleaning companies use special vacuum cleaners that can shampoo and disinfect carpets daily, so you do not have to worry about hygiene.

Also, as opposed to marble tiles, carpeted floors are not a slipping hazard which is something female workers that wear heels will greatly appreciate. 

Place Trash Cans Everywhere

While you would like to believe that most people are civilized enough to not litter, unfortunately, it is not the case, especially when you have a high traffic area, it increases the likelihood of littering.

The sight of disposable water cups and crumpled tissues is very common in public areas, so to try and limit this behavior; make sure you have enough accessible trash cans. Go for touch-free ones as they are more hygienic. Label them according to the kind of waste they are intended for.

There is also no shame in hanging notes around the office to remind everyone to keep common spaces clean and use them. 

Provide Essential Cleaning Materials

You should always budget for cleaning supplies at the beginning of every year. Provide cleaning wipes in the breakroom to encourage employees to clean their hands when in shared areas and when using common equipment like the microwave or coffee machine.

You can also install multiple hand-sanitizing dispensers around your facility to decrease the chances of infection among your staff and keep everyone safe and healthy. Also, place a heavy-duty doormat at the entrance of your facility so that everyone can give their shoes a good wipe before stepping in. 

Supervise Cleaning Activities

All this advice will not work unless you have an efficient supervision system. Whether you will be doing it yourself, or you will be hiring someone to specifically oversee the cleaning activities around your facility, it has to be scheduled and done regularly.

You will be able to better identify any reasons behind any deterioration. Maybe it is the cleaning company you are working with or perhaps your employees are ignoring the hygiene guidelines previously discussed with them.

Maintaining the cleanliness of a high trafficked space is always a challenge. However, there is no way around it if you want to reflect a professional image and protect the health and safety of those around you. Use the tips above to see which aspects can you pay more attention to. Once you have a clear plan you can create a cleaning checklist to help you stay on track.