How to Make Quality Maternity Photos at Home

Pregnancy is such a memorable time for every woman. It marks a new life ahead with the upcoming birth of a child, especially for first-time moms. Even if pregnancy is not the first time, it still brings so much joy and excitement to everyone’s lives in the family. Such importance is given to this period that a maternity photoshoot is one of the goals before giving birth.

And even when the outdoors are not suitable for your dream maternity shot, there should be nothing stopping you from cementing this time of your life in a photo. You could have your own session at home by doing your best in turning your home into a makeshift studio. You should first learn how to produce quality maternity photos at home.

Planning for Your Photoshoot

One of the most exciting parts is actually the planning stage where you sort, where to start, and look for inspirations you want to follow. You can gather as much reference as you can from the internet, so you have an idea of what to prepare in terms of clothing, accessories, and set up.

Since it is a home photoshoot, you can always work with what you have or just purchase what you want to feature in the photos. In order for you to do this, you can allow a few weeks to make sure you have everything from your checklist.

It’s All About Lighting

The key to having great images is to look for a place where there is a great source of natural lighting. It could be near a big window, by the door, and even outside the yard or the balcony. When shooting outside your doorsteps, better avoid direct light and choose the best time of the day when the light is at its softest. This is usually in the late afternoon during the golden hour.

If you are doing it in a place where natural lighting is not possible, you can still make up for it by using as much lighting as you can. Set up in the brightest room in the house and make sure that you don’t go where there is a shadow cast when you take pictures.

Being in Your Natural Element

When you have a photoshoot, you should feel most comfortable to avoid any awkward shots. It is still better to initially have rapport, especially with the photographer you have chosen to book a maternity photoshoot at home because they can help you achieve a natural-looking pose and smile.

Avoid poses you are not comfortable with, especially cheesy and unnatural ones. You could ask your photographer to give you instructions and scenarios and have them catch your natural reactions and actions.

You can also practice a few poses beforehand, so you are more comfortable during the actual photoshoot. Since the shot is at your home, you can easily be in your element and be more comfortable with the environment.

Less Is More

You could be compelled to do so much and prepare a lot of things for the photoshoot to ensure that you only have the best outcome. With so many things you want to consider, you could end up being stressed out since you are putting a lot on your plate.

With a maternity photoshoot, always remember that having less is actually going to produce an outcome with more value and genuineness. As much as possible, wear something plain and with neutral colors. Look for a similar plain background and just add a few focal pieces. Do not overdo makeup as well, and do not go overboard with the accessories you choose.

Focus on the Bump

The last but the most important thing you have to remember is to focus on your baby bump. A maternity photoshoot is all about the growing life inside your womb, so make sure that it gets all the attention it needs. Everything from the clothes you wear to the pose you do should clearly center on the belly.

If you don’t want your body exposed, you can wear tight-fitting clothes. A simple silhouette shot here, the outlines of your curves are highlighted, could be the best photo to have. 

It is so much you have to prepare for but you cannot simply overlook a special way to document your pregnancy journey. Your maternity photoshoot would be the best way to capture the last moments before you meet your baby. In doing the whole shoot at home, preparation is still the best way to make it a success.