How To Make Summer More Comfortable 

Summer is meant to be a time of relaxation, enjoyment, and making the most of the outdoor space you have. However, the problem is that when it’s too hot, it can be hard to stay comfortable and fully embrace the season. You might end up staying indoors more than you’re outside, which is a shame as you’re wasting the good weather. 

Luckily, there are some useful tips to help you make summer more comfortable so you can enjoy it in the right way – ideally outside more than during the winter. Read on to find out more. 

Create A Lovely Outside Space

Although having a lovely outside space won’t necessarily make the weather more tolerable if you’re not keen on the heat, it will make it more pleasant to be outside in general. Plus, if you can find a nice shady spot to sit in, you can benefit from fresh air but not have to worry about getting sunburned or feeling too uncomfortable. 

One great idea is to have a hot tub in your garden. This will give you a great chance to relax and unwind in the bubbly water, and it can be used all year round, so although it will certainly make you feel more comfortable in the summer, it will be useable in the winter too. A well-maintained hot tub is the ideal way to unwind and feel good. 

Stay Hydrated 

If you want to be truly comfortable (not to mention healthy) during the summer, you’ll need to make sure you stay hydrated all the time. This is true of the whole year, but during the summer when the temperatures are hotter, you’ll actually need to increase your water intake compared to the wintertime. Your body will sweat more, so you’ll lose more fluids, and therefore you’ll need to top them up more than when you feel colder and don’t sweat so much. 

You don’t just have to drink water, though. If something else means you’ll drink more, then it’s a great idea to try it. Drinks like infused water, iced herbal teas, or chilled fruit juices can be fantastic. Stay away from sodas that can cause you to dehydrate more quickly – they’re also full of sugar, so they’re very unhealthy. 

Dress For Comfort 

Choosing the right clothes during the summer can make a huge difference to how comfortable you feel. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen because these allow air to circulate around your body, and that helps to keep you cool. Loose-fitting clothing can also make you feel comfortable because it means you’ll sweat less, and when you do sweat, it won’t be kept so close to your skin. 

On the subject of clothing, the right clothes can help when it comes to sun safety too. By wearing lightweight, long-sleeved tops, for example, and wearing loose trousers rather than shorts, you can help to prevent skin damage from the sun’s UV rays.

A hat and sunglasses will also help. Just as sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV damage, sunglasses also aim to eliminate the effect of harmful UV rays. Surely, the right pair of sunglasses can make you look extra cool, but the primary purpose is to protect your eyes. There are many types of cool and stylish glasses that provide UV safety and a fashionable look during your vacation, such as Ray-Ban, Amber, etc. CoolFrames’s sunglasses collection also provides many stylish options meanwhile delivering the ultimate protection.

Of course, sunscreen is a must, but this added layer of protection will certainly make sure you stay comfortable.