6 Marketing Tips for Your New Restaurant

You just opened a new restaurant, and you can’t wait to meet your customers. You have everything set from dining arrangements to complete menus. The next step is to make sure your customers keep coming back. Clients love good customer service and great meals, but this will not bring in new customers. Maybe they will come through referrals, but your focus is on increased sales and profits as a businessperson. Marketing becomes essential at this point.

Here are six marketing tips you could use to promote your new restaurant.

1. Advertise Your Opening on Social Media Sites

Put the word out that you have just opened a restaurant with an easy-to-remember name online. Post pictures of the food, the interior, and yourself, as the restaurant owner, on several sites frequented by your target market. Common sites are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can do this even before your official opening.

Remember to use captivating images relevant to the restaurant’s theme and cuisine to get the most mileage out of your posts. You can highlight dishes on your menu or even specials that you are offering at reduced prices. Do this for a limited time only to ensure that people check out your page early enough.

Also, you can link your online advertising pages to your restaurant website. It should ask customers to click on the link that redirects them to your restaurant menu. Make sure to use catchy images or sentences that redirect customers to your website.

2. Create Partnerships With Online Food Networks

In the past, restaurant owners could expect a steady stream of customers from their surrounding community. However, the use of the internet is steadily climbing. Most of the world’s population uses the internet, and many restaurant owners are beginning to realize its impact. They cannot ignore online advertising any longer.

Online food networking sites have proven to be a successful marketing tool for restaurants. Online customers tend to be more loyal and willing to try new foods than traditional customers. These networks currently boast 50 million users. The numbers keep growing, and it is apparent restaurants need to take advantage of this new advertising opportunity.

People looking for food outlets will always check out what their social media friends have to say about your restaurant. Make use of this opportunity by creating partnerships with food review sites and influencer pages. This is because the people who frequent these sites already know what kind of food they like and know the right places to get them.

3. Conduct a Giveaway With an Influencer

Influencers are people who have already built a name for themselves. Their followers trust them with everything new and trending—partner with one of the influencers and conduct a giveaway or competition where people can win prizes. You can offer discounts or other incentives that will motivate people to drop by, even if it is just for a visit.

Remember, partnering with an influencer will cost you some money. Before you settle on an influencer, consider your budget and the impact the influence will have on your returns. If your budget is tight, you could opt for affordable influencers. You may not receive a large audience, but your creativity with the influencer could increase your sales.

For example, many people are doing video challenges on social media. You could create a challenge that promotes your menu with the influencer. Keep your audience active and curious to know what you will post or promote next.

4. Display the Correct Signage at Your Entrance

The signage should be very noticeable to anyone who passes by your restaurant. You can hope this will bring people in. Make use of eye-catching signage, both inside and outside your restaurant. Signs should include discounts and offers as well as the name of your restaurant. They should also have a short sentence or two about what kind of food is served here.

You can even make use of a catchy tagline to go along with the signage. Digital signs are also a valid option for in-window signage. Digital signage for restaurants can draw in customers with enticing designs and offers on show. 

Signages attract customers because they are catchy. Whatever signage you use, make sure it is visible to your target audience. Also, these signages should appear a distance away from your restaurants and persist as a customer nears the restaurant. People react to images that they see early and often.

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5. Use Radio Announcements

You do not have to limit yourself to social media and online food review sites. Radio announcements will be a great way to reach out to your target clientele via the media they trust. This is particularly effective if you have a catchy jingle or theme song that can be used in your promotions. You can also take advantage of sponsorship deals. You can ensure the radio station promotes your restaurant. In return, you may offer them free food and drinks.

6. Design a Beautiful Menu and Stick To It

The first thing potential customers will do when they enter your restaurant is to check out the menu. These menus are best seen when displayed near the entrance or at another obvious spot. Ensure that you use easy-to-read fonts and display prices clearly. This will allow people to see what’s available. You can use your menu to highlight special offers.

You could also promote activities that customers could take part in at the restaurant. Keep your menu items unique but easy-to-prepare because this will need less workforce on your part.

Now that you have few marketing tips to boost your new restaurant, you can take advantage of the information. Take advantage of the internet to reach out to potential customers. Make use of influencers to boost your sales and get more followers on your social media pages.

Do not forget to create fun challenges that promote your restaurants. Give away show you care more about society. People appreciate a helping hand, and they will give you good reviews and support in return. Also, use the radio, signages, and beautiful menu posts. Good luck!