How To Match Black Cabinets With White Countertops

The all-white kitchen has been trending for quite some time, but more recently kitchens are featuring black cabinets and dark shades cabinets. There are many reasons why homeowners are now going for dark cabinets with white countertops. One of them is because of the aesthetic feature it contributes. It changes the entire energy of the space, presenting a bolder look and feel.

Aside from that, dark cabinets and white countertops add to the dramatic vibe of your kitchen, they can revamp an outdated kitchen, plus they are a perfect fit for any design and style you are considering. The issue most people associate with black cabinets is that they may make your space look too dark and small, but don’t worry, with the right match with a white countertop, you will transform your kitchen into an ideal space glowing with beauty and elegance.

Want to know an interesting fact about black cabinets? Black is a timeless color, so with this, you don’t have to worry about repainting in months. Black cabinets and white countertops are becoming well-loved for their classy look. However, you can top off that classiness with a bit of elegance by integrating open shelving, bright kitchenware, and many more items which will pair well with your black cabinet and white countertop.

Also, you must know that no matter what type of style you are going for, black cabinets white countertops will forever look good in your home. Maybe it is because of your love for the color black, or you are looking to balance all the noise that other design elements contribute. After reading this post, you will be inspired by how dark cabinets and white countertops blend perfectly to give you a redefined space.

Create the Ultimate Contrast by Mixing Black and White

A black cabinet will create an elegant look with a white countertop sitting over it. Mixing a black cabinet with a white countertop is quite trendy, and it always ends up looking stylish hand classy. For this reason, you can consider integrating decorative accents. Put all this together, and you have the perfect kitchen for one that prefers a kitchen with a minimal look.

Go Black and White for A Modern Kitchen

This style serves as further evidence that black cabinets and white countertops are the best combination for that chic look. Having black hardware placed over your black cabinet will give the impression of a sleek composition and minimal finishing to create a modern kitchen.

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen that contemporary design and feel? Why not start from black cabinets.

Top off the Drama in the Kitchen

Black is the best hue to add some spice to your kitchen, and a better way to go about this is by having black cabinets carrying white countertops. This style features more black than white unlike the two others mentioned earlier.

Here you can pair black cabinets with Caesarstone’s white quartz countertop. In addition, other units will feature dark shades, and the backsplash is best when it’s black or speckled here. Read more about quartz countertop colors here.

Try Off-White Counters for a Modernized Space

A prevailing advantage of using a black cabinet is its ability to modernize a space immediately. If you are looking for how to renovate your kitchen and give it a modernized look without spending too much, try using a black cabinet and white countertop.

The bottom cabinets are best matte black, and the countertop should feature an off-white quartz slab. To add warmth to the space, you can place a woven rug at the center and feature open shelving so your kitchenware and trinkets can add sparkle to your area.

Add Colorful Plants

Having a black cabinet in your kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t add spice or flavor to brighten up and liven up the space. Plants are the perfect element to do this. Do you have any other colorful accent in mind? You can use this too!

Touch up the space with green for a bright look. For a more natural look, you can integrate wooden accessories and decor within your kitchen.

Create a Cozy Room by Pairing Your Black Cabinets with Dark Flooring

Black cabinets are a perfect blend with black and white backsplash. This time, we do not have a white countertop but a light shade of grey. This combination is a perfect fit for a dark floor finish to give our kitchen that cozy feeling.

Simple Look with All-Black Cabinets

You can have a very simple but stylish kitchen with this design. This design proves that you don’t have to have too many colors to make an impact. Colour pops more when everything is black, especially if working with metal tones and dark shades.

Having an all-black cabinet with a simple countertop allows other colors within the space to be noticeable. You should consider getting colorful accessories and elements if you will be following this style.

Keep Your Kitchen Minimal with Black Cabinets

Black is an ideal color for minimalists who wish to add a touch of drama to their space.

Homeowners can also highlight some of the building elements within the space in black and white. For example, black ceiling beams and white wall supports. Another perfect example is an all-black cabinet but with white fittings and doors. In this case, a white countertop will blend perfectly to give your kitchen that minimal and elegant look.