The Negligent Acts of Trucking Companies That Lead to Truck Accidents

Most people believe that the common reason for truck accidents is driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In reality, mechanical defects are the most common cause of truck accidents. Tire defects and brake defects are the leading causes of truck accidents.

Mechanical defects occur due to improper maintenance of the truck by the trucking company or maintenance team. They are to blame for these types of accidents. Even though mechanical defects are the most common reason for truck accidents, people tend to blame truck drivers for the increasing number of truck accidents.

Yes, truck drivers are responsible for some accidents, but not all of them. Trucking companies are responsible for many truck accidents. Determining negligence in a truck accident can be confusing since many parties can be held liable. This is why you need to hire an experienced lawyer. They can determine negligence easily using their expertise.

The Negligent Actions of a Trucking Company

Inadequate maintenance is not the only form of negligence that trucking companies commit. Following are some of the negligent actions of a trucking company that lead to truck accidents:

• Forcing drivers to violate hours of service regulations
• Inadequate maintenance
• Not screening drivers
• Improper cargo loading
• Inadequate driver training

Forcing drivers to violate hours of service regulations

Hours of service regulations are imposed by the government to control truck accidents. These regulations prevent drivers from overworking, since fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents. A truck driver must take a half-hour break after driving for 8 hours continuously.

Violating these laws can result in drivers being too tired. A tired driver will not be able to react quickly to sudden traffic movements. Trucking companies force drivers to violate these laws to make more trips.

Inadequate Maintenance

A truck is not an easy vehicle to drive. Even a minor defect in a truck can result in accidents. Steering wheel malfunctions, tire blowouts, and brake defects are some of the common defects that occur in trucks.

Maintaining a truck is the trucking company’s responsibility. They should thoroughly look for potential defects that can occur and fix them before sending the truck out for the trip. Not doing so will result in accidents and lawsuits.

Not Screening Drivers

As previously mentioned, not everyone can drive a truck. A truck is huge, and it requires skill to drive. Sometimes, trucking companies hire drivers without proper screening due to demand. They hire drivers who don’t have enough experience or skill to drive 18-wheelers. In addition, sometimes, they hire drug addicts, who will surely cause a DUI accident someday.

Improper Cargo Loading

Improper cargo loading leads to truck imbalance, which will lead to the inevitable. Trucking companies’ goal is to move more cargo to make more money. So, they will load more cargo than the legal amount and make it harder for truck drivers to control the vehicle. Also, the cargo must be loaded in such a way that the weight is distributed evenly. Failing to do so can make the trucks get out of the drivers’ control.

Inadequate Driver Training

It is the trucking companies’ responsibility to train all their drivers adequately. Trained drivers reduce the risk of an accident. But due to high demand, trucking companies send the drivers without any training. These untrained drivers are bound to violate laws and cause accidents.

Final Thoughts

Truck accidents are common, but not all accidents are caused by truck drivers. A truck accident can be caused by trucking company negligence too. If you don’t know who is responsible for your accident, hire a lawyer and let them determine the negligent party and obtain fair compensation.