5 Fun Online Date Ideas For You And Your Long Distance Lover

Love can’t be stopped by a distance. In this socially-distanced age, perhaps you and your lover find yourselves far more than six feet apart. Maybe you’re across the country from each other on opposite coasts.

A long-distance relationship needs things to look forward to. That’s where online dates come in.

For five fun online date ideas, keep reading.

1. Work Out Together

Can’t hit the gym with bae? That’s okay because you can go to the virtual gym together.

Fitness trainers are live-streaming their workout classes for convenient at-home workouts. 305 Fitness offers dance-based workouts in a festive atmosphere. They live-stream classes twice a day.

That’s just the first of many exciting ideas.

2. Go for a Walk on the Virtual Beach

You can still (virtually) travel in these times. Google Maps lets you revisit a favorite place or show off your childhood neighborhoods to each other.

Try going snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or taking a hike through Yellowstone. You could go as far as China to see its terra cotta warriors. Travel to the International Space Station for an adventure in space.

3. Plan a Date Night

A little distance can’t stop a date night from happening. Don’t let distance serve as an excuse for not putting in the effort to make a full-fledged, fancy date happen.

Go all out with a black-tie date night at home. Break out your favorite dress, put on makeup, and make sure your significant other puts effort into their appearance, too.

Throw on a romantic playlist, light some candles, and uncork a bottle of champagne. Order a surprise food delivery for each other to share a meal on camera.

4. Play Online Games

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition in a relationship, right?

Online gaming is cheap, oftentimes free, and most importantly, fun. Check out a platform like Cardzmania, which offers a plethora of online card games, from Klondike to gin rummy. Or you can try a virtual puzzle while on a video call to see what piece goes where.

Words With Friends works no matter any difference in time zones. It allows you to play your turn whenever you want.

Alternatively, you could find your competitive streak in an online casino. Check out best USA casino bonuses to add an extra slice of fun.

5. It’s Storytime

Storytime isn’t just for the kids. As mature, romantic adults, you and bae can write and share compelling stories.

Get a deeper look into your significant other’s beautiful mind. What will they write about? A ghost, or a princess?

There’s only one way to find out.

Romantic Online Date Ideas

In-person interpersonal relationships may have taken a hit since the coronavirus began. That doesn’t mean that your love life has to suffer too.

Love always finds a way, even if distance tries to erode it. Your long-distance relationship could be one of the above online date ideas away from rejuvenation. No matter the distance of your LDR, an online date will draw you closer to your significant other.

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