How To Prepare For An Upcoming Storm

A storm is a natural calamity often characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, and even lightning. In some cases, a storm may cause floods and landslides, which may eventually lead to property damage. While more destructive storms can cause loss of lives. That said, it’s always important to be prepared in case a storm happens in your area.

Over the years, storms have become more unpredictable and destructive. It’s believed to be causing more damage than it did before, possibly because of climate change effects. With that said, how do your prepare for an upcoming storm in your area?

1. Listen To The News

Perhaps one of the most important considerations when preparing for a storm is keeping yourself updated on weather conditions and possible warnings. Knowing vital information about the storm, such as its direction, wind speed, and forecasted rainfall, will allow you to further prepare and plan your next steps. For instance, the severity of the weather conditions might require you to evacuate.

Generally, a storm can be detected a week before its landfall, but its course can change over time. That’s where listening to the news and being updated about the latest updates about the storm can be to your advantage.

More so, any urgent announcements are often announced through the news, so consider keeping a weather radio with you. While a smartphone can also provide you with vital information about the storm, it’s recommended to avoid using it and instead reserve your phone’s battery to make calls in case of emergencies.

2. Do A House Maintenance Check

Due to the possible heavy winds and thunderstorms, it can be assumed that your house might not be safe and may be damaged throughout the storm. But this can be avoided by doing a maintenance check before the storm hits your area.

To start, inspect your house’s roof for any damage that may cause leaks. Windows should also have protective covers to help prevent them from breaking during strong winds. If you have landscaping and trees within your property, consider trimming down weak tree branches that might fall during the storm and cause damage to your home.

However, in severe cases, flooding can be unavoidable. Consider getting the emergency restoration services that can help in storm damage mitigation, as well as water damage restoration.

3. Prepare An Emergency Kit And Supplies

prepare for an upcoming storm

In any calamity, one of the best things to do is ensure that you and your family have enough supplies to work with. A consideration to follow is to have a supply that can sustain you for three days.

Your emergency kit should have water and non-perishable food. These can be beneficial for survival, especially since during a storm, roadblocks could happen, limiting your access to clean food and water.

Also, do not forget to include essentials such as medications, a first aid kit, and sanitation supplies in your emergency kit. These things can come in handy if you or your family members get sick or injured during the storm. Consider packing an extra set of clothing and some warm blankets as well.

More so, due to the strong winds and heavy rains, electricity might be out for a while. With that in mind, your emergency kit should also contain supplies such as flashlights, candles, extra batteries, and a power bank for your mobile phones.

4. Charge Your Phone And Communication Devices

Your mobile phone plays a crucial role in providing efficient communication during a storm. In most cases, you’ll need them to contact emergency and rescue services, as well as reach your family members.

With that in mind, you should always make sure that your phone and other communication gadgets are fully charged. One way to do this is by limiting the use of your phone to necessary functions only. You can also prepare a power bank, in case of a power outage.

5. Prepare Some Cash

Having some cash on hand can be a practical approach when preparing for an upcoming storm. This is because during the storm, you may need to buy some essentials like medicine or food, and you might not be able to use the bank services.

More so, having enough cash with you allows for mobility in case you need to move and evacuate for emergency purposes.

Stay Safe!

Storms can be extremely devastating. They can cause damage to properties and livelihoods, and more so, may even claim lives. While a calamity is unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to ensure you and your family are ready and prepared, should one happen. Here are the best weather apps for smartphones you can install in order to find out when will be the landfall of the storm.

Considering the tips above can be a good start in making sure that you and your family are safe and sound during the duration of a storm.