Recycling and Other Methods of Disposing of a Washing Machine

Laundry duty is one of the most important mundane tasks. However, it is not something several people look forward to. Regardless, everybody does it. The invention of the washing machine has made it so that people do not put in too much physical effort in laundry duty. It lessens the task and performs it more effectively and faster.

So, what happens when your washing machine stops working? You most likely need to get a new one. When you do that, you are back to performing your laundry duty. But what do you do with the old washing machine that is occupying space and packing dust?

Disposing of your old home appliances can be quite difficult. This is especially true for those washing machines that are heavy and big. Thankfully, washing machines don’t have hazardous chemicals, unlike freezers and refrigerators. Therefore, they are not expensive or challenging to dismantle.

In addition, just as with other appliances, washing machines are mostly metal. Therefore, you can easily recycle them. However, you can also dispose of your washing machine through other processes.

Follow through with this discussion to discover different methods of disposing of your washing machine.

Why Do You Need to Properly Dispose Your Old or Unused Washing Machine?

Your old or unused washing machine takes space up in your home. However, you cannot dump them on the street. It cannot be treated as any other household waste as it can cause damage to the environment. In essence, you need to properly dispose of your old or unused washing machine to avoid environmentally hazardous situations and to free up space in your home.

Methods for Disposing of Washing Machine

The following are methods of disposing of your old or unused washing machine:


Recycling is the process or action of converting waste into reusable material. This means your old appliances and properties can be made into something that can be used again. So, when you have the issue of disposing of your old washing machine, you can solve it by recycling. Although some people consider this process to be hectic, it is quite effective in decluttering your home of your unused or old washing machine.

To recycle a washing machine, you just need to reach out to a recycling company. When you contact them all the tasks of recycling the machine will be left to them. When they recycle the item, they get to preserve 90% of the item’s value. The recycling company makes it easier for consumers seeking low-cost washers instead of buying new products and paying double the price.

This is a great option as the recycling company will be in charge of picking up the washer from your home. You can visit to learn more about recycling companies and how they operate. Furthermore, the company might likely offer to pay for the item.

You can also try recycling it at the manufacturing company. Some manufacturing companies often have a recycling department or center where they transform their used products into new products.

So, in this case, you just need to contact the manufacturer and check if they receive old appliances. You will also need to find out the location to drop off the item. You might need to visit their online pages or the product’s information manual.

Scrap and Sell

You can also scrap and sell the metal. In other words, you can tear down your washer and sort out its metal such as copper, aluminum, brass, and steel for sale. These are materials that are valuable and will be sold at reasonable prices.

Most times the metals found inside the appliance are worth more than the outer materials. Prices of scrap metals fluctuate daily, so it is best to call the scrapyard you would be working with. This way you’d get the accurate pricing of the material you’d like to sell.

Scraping is a crucial part of this process. This is because it is dangerous and will determine the material you get from the washer. So, you have to be careful when scrapping your old washer. Ensure that you make use of safety gear to prevent injuries.

Reuse Parts

Apart from scraping and selling, you can reuse parts of your old washer. The parts of your washer have different functions they serve individually. Hence, they can be useful in repairing other items in your home.

For example, the nuts and bolts found in your old washer can be reused to assemble another appliance. In other words, you can make do with the ones you have in your old washing machine at home. You won’t need to go to a hardware store to get those parts you have.

Additionally, you can turn some pieces of the washer into everyday tools or items. For example, your washer’s glass door can be transformed into a bucket or bowl. To get the parts you would like to reuse you would need to dismantle the washer.

Municipal Waste Centers

Municipal waste centers are usually community-owned enterprises that handle the collection, separation, storage, reuse, and recycling of waste and unused appliances and items. They are a great option for the removal of your washer. However, just because they do so doesn’t mean you can set out your unused appliances on your curb or near your trash and expect them to dispose of your washer for you.

You need to make inquiries about its collection program for small and large equipment. You can check here to learn about municipal solid waste management. Often, the service is free when you make the delivery of the washer to a center. Alternatively, you can call the center to request their service for appliance removal to save time and effort.

Exchange with a Local Retailer

Some retailers offer money or discounts in exchange for used appliances from consumers. They recycle the appliances from consumers helping them declutter their house and promote the environment.

You need to make calls to different local companies that provide this service. This way you will find out which company offers the best program.

Donate to Charity

If your washer is still in working condition, then you can opt to donate it to charity and free up the space in your home. To donate your washer to those who will need it you can contact a regional charity or NGO. Do your research to confirm the authenticity of the organization.

Online Marketplace

You can also market your washer if it is in working condition online. We live in a time where anything can be sold online. Fortunately, there is an increased need for online household appliances. So, all you need to do is to check on social platforms and e-commerce sites. You can seek a local pickup to save you from heavy lifting. This way the buyer will come to your house directly to get the item.


Removal of your old and unused washing machine can be quite a handful but necessary in decluttering your home and contributing to the betterment of the environment. Of course, recycling is the best method to do this. However, you can opt for other methods of disposing of your washer.

Follow the information in this discussion, and easily remove your unused washer from your home. Finally, don’t hesitate to seek the service of professional appliance removers.