How To Remain Calm During Your First Car Accident

One in 63 people get in a car crash every year, which can feel like an incredibly low number, but it’s far higher when you think about just how many people are in this country. Unfortunately, your number might come up, leaving you in a crash and unsure how to handle it: but it’s vital that you stay calm.

Panic isn’t going to help. Here’s how to stay calm, what to do, and what to avoid so this crash goes smoother after impact.  

Take Your Time and Assess Injuries

Before you move anyone or do anything, check for injuries. If someone sustained a neck or head injury, they shouldn’t be moved unless absolutely necessary to protect their life.  

Look at your own body, and look for any physical signs of injury. Even if you’re severely hurt, you might not notice it immediately because shock can hide the sensation of pain.  

If everyone in your car is okay, check in on the other vehicle to ensure people are okay, and avoid touching them or opening their doors without their consent. 

Move Away From Oncoming Traffic

Get the vehicles away from traffic that could pose a risk to it. If you’re unable to move the vehicles, and they’re not on fire, you can turn on your hazard lights and try to warn drivers away.

Take Pictures of the Accident

This can be scary and leave you shocked further if you’re not mentally prepared for it, but take pictures of the incident and any injuries you have as soon as possible. Not only is this important to prove yourself in court if you have to, but it’s also useful for insurance if they need proof of the crime scene.  

While you’re doing this, make sure to take pictures of the other car’s plates and anything that could be important to the case. Avoid starting an argument, and be generally friendly if the person is also okay.

Call For Emergency Help

Emergency help is the first number you should call if anyone is injured or if anyone is in danger after a crash. This can range from injuries that happened on the scene to fighting and injury that happened afterward.

Keep calm, and answer any questions the dispatcher asks you. They’ll stay on the line with you until the cops arrive many times and will talk through what you’re experiencing.  

Don’t Accept Blame. It’s Okay

One of the biggest mistakes victims of car accidents make is apologizing or admitting blame without realizing what’s what they’re doing. Any good car accident lawyer would warn you to say no more than what’s necessary. This means checking if they’re okay, exchanging information, and possibly calling emergency services if it’s necessary.

Don’t accept blame, and don’t start a fight about it. Disagree when necessary, and consider calling law enforcement if need be.

You Can Get Through This 

Although your first car crash is terrifying, and you can feel like you’ve ruined your life: it’s something almost everyone goes through. Take the time to calm down and breathe before you face the task at hand.