6 Alternative Ways of Selling Your House

Selling a home is one of the biggest transactions you can make in life. When you decide to sell your home, it is more than just financial turnover. You might be selling the home that you grew up in, that your children grew up in, you are selling memories and it can be a difficult transaction to make.

On the financial side of things, you might also be looking for an alternative way to sell the home. Selling a house takes time in most cases because buyers realize how important it is for them to make the right decision. If you need help with finding alternative ways to sell a home, then these 6 options might help you out.

1. Damaged Home Buyers

Some homes are not in the best condition and that can make it harder to sell. If you have a home that has some major issues because of its condition, or at least is considered hard to sell, you will probably find it hard to sell it quickly with an agent or by yourself.

Luckily for you, selling fire damaged houses, among other problems can be done through third party buyers who specialize in these types of properties. This is an alternate way that might suit your selling needs.

2. Property Auction

If you need to sell your home quickly then you might find your options limited. Selling a home fast is difficult, especially in a competitive market, which could be alleviated by selling through a property auction.

Selling quickly and through a property auction might not net you the most return on your home as you would get through selling it in a traditional way, but there is the potential that the bidding increases and you get a good closing price.

3. Social Media Listing

Maximizing who sees your house listing is going to increase the potential to sell it. Using social media to improve who sees the listing is a good way to get the information out to a bigger audience. It is also a good means of word of mouth as the post can be referred to a friend of a friend or shared by your friends and family to get it out there. 

You can even use social media to hold virtual house tours. The bigger audience you have the more likely you will find a buyer that will want it, and potentially want it for the ideal sale price.

4. Sale By Owner

Not as alternative now as some of the other options on this list but selling by owner is still relatively different. The reason why people sell with an agent or realtor is that it is simpler, they take on more work for you. The problem with it is that it costs a lot in commission fees so selling by owner bypasses this.

It is worth noting that you need to educate yourself on selling as an owner and be aware of contract negotiations and other paperwork that needs to be dealt with.

5. Property Trade

Assuming you are selling the home to purchase a new property, then a property/home trade might be something you can entertain.

Of course, you will not be getting a cash or equivalent value like you would from selling the home outright, but if you find another homeowner who has a property that is equal in value and you feel comfortable exchanging properties then the idea is not as far fetched as it might sound on paper. 

6. Raffle

Lastly, and probably the most alternative way to sell a home, is holding a raffle. This one comes with its own risks mind you but it could be an interesting way to sell a home. Usually, lottery companies hold raffles where people buy tickets and eventually a winning ticket is chosen to be given the home.

The risk here is that the home must be given to the winner regardless of how many or how little tickets are sold so it could undercut the amount you would get from selling it traditionally but if the housing market in your area is competitive, then this could be to your advantage.

Selling a home has changed a lot over the years to the point that the alternatives are getting rather creative but at the heart of it, it is still about getting the best return you can.

These 6 alternatives might not make it easier to part with the home in an emotional sense, but they can offer a little something special if you need to sell a home quickly, if the home is damaged, or if you need to find a more cost friendly way for selling your home.