Top 6 Fresh And Healthy Snacks For Cats

Getting a pet like a cat is always a special thing. But owning a cat is not only enough to keep it with yourself. Since it is a living thing you would also need to make sure that it is getting the right nutrition as per the body requirement.

Generally, cats only rely on the nutrients derived from the animals. Hence most of the time you would find them hunting the prey which consists of a higher number of proteins, fats and a lesser amount of carbohydrates.

But apart from these, your cat would also require other vital nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. In such cases, most cat owners rely on cat food and other supplements to fulfil these deficiencies. Getting cat food online is easy nowadays.

While talking about cat food you would find three variants such as canned, dry and semi-moist. These products differ according to the protein level, water content, digestibility and calorie density.

Dry food consists of a lesser amount of water which is approximately up to 10 per cent. The ingredients include fish meal, poultry products, fibre sources, vitamin supplements, grain products and milk products. Semi-moist food consists of approximately 35 percent of water. It includes ingredients such as grain products and soybean meal along with preservatives.

The cost of semi-moist food is a bit higher than the dried ones as it is more appealing to the cats. Talking about the canned food, it contains about 75 per cent of the water and known as the most expensive cat food. Generally, canned foods come with longer shelf life. These canned foods include meat along with the other basic ingredients.

Choosing the right food is a very important step for your cat. Apart from the canned and ready cat food, you can also consider feeding fresh and healthy snack options to your cat. Here is a quick guide about healthy snacks for your cat.

1. Fish & Meat

Fish is known as one of the favourite food options for your cat. Feeding fish like mackerel and tuna would help with the healthy development of the brain, joints and good eyesight.

Similarly, meat, which contains lower sodium content is beneficial for your cat. You can choose from poultry, beef or any other meat. Serving the cooked meat is the best option. Try to avoid meat such as ham or cuts which has higher sodium content.

2. Rice & Oatmeal

There is a misconception that feeding rice can affect the coating structure of your cat and cause hair shedding. A little serving of rice could supply the required nutrients to your cat’s body especially if it is facing issues with digestion.

Similar to a human being, oatmeal is beneficial for cats as well. Being a rich source of protein, iron and fibre, it helps to promote the overall health of your cat. Moreover, if your cat is facing any issues with skin infection then you can also use the oatmeal for outer application.

3. Berries & Melon

Even your cat deserves a special treat once in a while. The addition of fruits like Berries and Melon could be the best option to feed your cat. Generally, berries are low in sugar and high in antioxidants. You can try to include blueberries and strawberries in your cat’s diet.

Similar to the berries, melons can be also a great occasional treat for your cat. You can choose from seedless watermelon, honeydew watermelon and cantaloupe. Melons are known to contain a higher amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

4. Pumpkin & Carrot

Including veggies in your cat’s diet can be a great option for healthy snacks. You can feed the cooked carrot to your cat. Make sure you do not feed the raw ones as they can choke. A pureed pumping is a great serving option as it contains a higher amount of fibre and other vital nutrients which would help to fight various health issues such as hairballs and constipation.

5. Banana & Cheese

Our favourite healthy snacks can be your cat’s favourite too. Adding a Banana to their diet could be a great pick but make sure you give it in a limited quantity as it contains a higher amount of sugar. Similarly, a slice of cheese can be served as a healthy snack option due to its higher amount of protein and calcium content.

6. Spinach & Eggs

Kitties love green veggies so why not feed them with it as a snack? You can choose spinach in greens as it is high in vitamins. But if your cat is facing issues with any urinary or kidney issues then make sure you skip it. Considering egg as a snack for your cat would be another best option. But make sure you feed the cooked than the raw ones.