Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In India

Solar technology is considered to be a very maturing market and is becoming much more promising every day. Several companies are taking the best possible initiatives in this particular sector and the top 10 companies which help in providing the people with the best quality home solar system have been explained as follows:

1. Loom Solar:

Loom Solar

It is a fully integrated solar module manufacturing company and has an annual capacity of more than 100 MW. Known to offer the best home solar system, the company comes with 25 years limited warranty on all the panels and the best benefit is that it is also very much capable of providing the people with 80% power output along with tenure limited warranty of the materials or workmanship.

The features provided by the company include the top-notch quality utilisation of technology, lowlight performance and PID resistance provided by all the products.

2. Vikram Solar:


Based In Kolkata, Vikram Solar has the best possible manufacturing capacity of 1GW in the cases of solar panels. It helps to provide the people with both mono and facial modules which are available under the different kinds of brand names.

3. WaareeSolar:


This company is one of the best companies in India and has a good amount of rich experience in the field of solar thermal and EPC utility grid project. The project development, rooftop solutions and the solar water pumps provided by this particular company are top-notch in this industry and the company also has a good amount of international presence.

4. Adani Solar:


It is considered to be the wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd and is the leading industrial conglomerate in India. The company is very much capable of developing the largest greenfield solar manufacturing plant in India.

5. GoldiSolar:


This company is the leading manufacturer of solar panels in India and has an annual capacity of more than 500 MW. It is also the leading OEM supplier which has a national as well as international presence in the whole world.

6. RenewSysSolar:


It is the integrated manufacturer of the solar modules along with key components of encapsulates, back sheets and solar PV cells. The company has a very good production capacity and is also very much capable of providing the people with the most efficient products.

7. Livguard:


It is another leading manufacturer of automotive batteries, inverter batteries and solar solutions for the people in India and is very much capable of providing people with good quality products.

8. Microtek:


The company is another leading power technology company in India and is the leading power bank of the supplier as well as manufacturer of the solar panels which come into the 50 W-320 W range.

9. Luminous Power:


This is the leading solar technology company in India and has a very large presence in the world of power backup, Home electrical and residential solar space systems.

10. TATA Power Solar Systems:


This company is the most prominent in this particular sector and has a good stronghold on rooftop solutions in the industry.

Hence, depending upon the top companies like Loom Solar is very much important for the people so that there is no problem at any point in time and they have proper access to top-notch quality solar solutions and become Futureproof with it.