Spirituality And Sex Toys: The Unlikely Duo

Admittedly it’s been a long time since I’ve been to church, but the last time I went, I can rest assured they weren’t handing out sex toys for women. While this may sound absolutely insane to your average Bible-totin’ church-goer, more young people are turning to self-practice spirituality.

And with that turn towards spirituality comes a renewed understanding of sexual energy and specifically how enlightenment and sex have more in common than we think. So let’s dig in; how can adding more sex toys for women create a sense of enlightenment for all?

I’ll take the sacral chakra special, please!

If you haven’t heard of chakras before, they’re simply energy centers in the body. Popularized through some forms of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism, these energy centers toe the line between being grounded in the body and not.

While your body holds this energy, it’s constantly moving around, and shifting would be impossible to track physiologically. However, according to those committed to their chakra well-being and balancing, there is a lot we can do to promote our chakra health.

One such chakra is the sacral chakra. Located right below the naval, this energy center is the birthplace of creativity and expression. If the world presents one situation to you, the sacral chakra says, “Interesting, but have you considered it this way?”. Having a clear and expressive sacral chakra means you can approach situations creatively and express yourself sexually.

So you’re saying sex toys for women cleanse chakras?

Yeah, I am. When we express ourselves sexually, we work to open up these creative pipelines in our lives. When chakras get blocked or out of balance, most healers recommend spending time enhancing that particular energy center. For your sacral chakra, that means getting in touch with your female sexual energy.

What sex toys do for humanity is actually something pretty special. In patriarchal systems, such as the one we live in, we’re taught that sex is between a man and a woman from a young age. Some more restrictive religions don’t even consider sex as pleasure. Women are supposed to serve men sexually and dismiss their own needs for pleasure.

Things shift when we put more sex toys for women into the mix. Sex toys for women allow them to express female sexual energy without a male. While sex toys are great for partner play, many women use them solo. In fact, with the increasing amount of sex toys for women available out there, they’re creating them for just that reason.

Longer handles, a better understanding of the female body, and a variety of sensations are now pivotal elements for sex toy manufacturers. Just take one look around V for Vibes, and you can see that it’s clear there is a variety of ways out there to help women feel good.

The divine feminine

So what does unleashing all this female sexual energy with sex toys for women mean on a larger scale? Well, it can mean more women are getting in touch with their own Divine Feminine.

Most religions still connect with the idea of yin and yang in some capacity. Christianity celebrates the “God” and “Man” dichotomy, one more forceful, one more forgiving. You may have also heard of karma, the idea that everything that goes out into the Universe comes back in some way. Similarly, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine work with one another symbiotically.

Traditionally, the Divine Masculine is an outward force. It’s direct and projects outward into the world. With the Divine Masculine, we see a high sense of accomplishment, productivity, force, and enthusiasm. These are necessary forces in the world, and they work to push the world forward in many ways.

For example, where would we be without our own American forefathers pushing out a new and radical constitution into the world? Divine Masculine energy is indeed an important part of the puzzle.

But in the changing times, female sexual energy is reigniting the Divine Feminine in a large way. And while it may start with a few more sex toys for women on the market, the consequences of exciting this energy are huge. The Divine Feminine is the one who is in charge of nurturing, wisdom, patience, and healing.

This all feels pretty binary, though?

It’s true. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have worked as opposing forces for a long time. The truth is, when they’re working more symbiotically, they more effortlessly cross the gender boundaries.

As such, I think many non-binary folx could relate to feeling both the masculine and feminine sexual energy within them at times. When we balance out the two forces, there’s less of a need to project one dominant gender performance.

Gender truly is a social construct. Within us all are the powers to project greatness and heal the world. The more we get in touch with both of those potentials, the more we realize the hilarity of the gender game we’ve all been playing.

A worldly impact

What is true, though, is that women have been systemically told to mute their Divine Feminine energies. The current balance of the world is indeed shaken. Sex toys for women are simply another way of rebalancing out this sexual energy for everyone. The consequences of doing so are huge.

Sure it starts as having both penetration and clitoral sex toys for women, but soon enough, we’re also creating people who are capable of both loving and creating beautiful things in this world. No longer are we just responsible for nurturing; we’re also capable of conquering world issues.

The polarity of the world right now is simply unmatched. People are screaming at each other on social media every day with wildly different opinions on seemingly most everything. I saw a fight break out the other day on my own feed over throwing away Christmas trees.

If you’ve walked outside lately and felt, “Man, this world is a little *spicy* lately.” you’re not alone. These shifts in sexual energy and helping more people find the link between enlightenment and sex are pivotal to helping our world move forward in a large way.

When women everywhere enjoy their own female sexual energy, they use sex toys for women, and they re-balance their sacral chakra; there is huge potential for large-scale shifts in our world. The world needs heroes and healers, not one or the other. We need people who can create powerful forces of change while also being kind and gentle.

Masturbate and save the world

So is it just the tiniest bit insane to say the more you use sex toys for women, the more you change the world? Sure. But the logic checks out, guys. There is indeed a link between enlightenment and sex. There is a connection between unlocking female sexual energy and bettering the world at large.

So the next time you feel at all ashamed over finding pleasure in your own body, just remember that it’s not just for you. The power you have when your sexual energy is operating at peak capacity is unmatched. Sex toys for women are the kerosene for the fire we need to set to create the world we want.