5 Tips On Spotting The 2023 Breeders’ Cup Winner

Since we are a few weeks away from the 2023 Breeders’ Cup, many bettors are now starting to study each contender of the race they want to wager on. It’s not enough to know who the race’s favorite is to successfully pick the possible winner of the Breeders’ Cup this year.

Instead, you must consider factors other than the horse’s odds to win. Since this year’s race features a lineup of strong and talented horses, choosing one winner can be overwhelming. That’s why we have compiled five tips to help you spot the possible winner of the 2023 Breeders’ Cup.

Look At the Horse’s Pedigree

The first tip you can follow on spotting the winner in the upcoming 2023 Breeders’ Cup event is to check the horse’s pedigree. A horse’s pedigree is a factor you can use to determine the potential of a horse on a racetrack.

Most of the time, if a horse’s parents are successful during their racing career, it’s highly likely that the offspring will also be a successful racehorse. Look into the contender’s parents’ racing history to know who among them has the highest chance of winning based on genes.

You can check a horse’s pedigree online and through the registry book or breed register. The daily racing form is also a great source of this information. However, you can only get hold of it during the race day.

Check the Horse’s Conformation

Another tip you can use in deciding on your breeders cup TVG picks is to check the horse’s conformation. A conformation is the horse’s shape of structure that can impact its ability to win a race.

When checking for the horse’s conformation, you must look at its neck first. The neck must be one and a half times the horse’s head length. It must also be tied high to the horse’s body for proper chest space.

The next thing you must look into is the angle of the shoulder and the pastern angles. It should be between 40 to 55 degrees. Remember that a short back and long neck make the horse move better when checking for the horse’s conformation.

Moreover, a correct leg structure helps improve the horse’s performance in a race and prevents lameness. Lameness can result from pain within the horse’s limb caused by poor leg structure or other factors like an injury.

Consider the Horse’s Behavior

Aside from the physical factors, the horse’s mental factor also plays a significant role in the success of the thoroughbred. Both the horse’s mood and emotional state are also crucial factors to consider when picking a winning horse for this year’s Breeders’ Cup.

These things will help you determine how a thoroughbred perceives and reacts to its surroundings, giving you an idea of how the horse will perform in a race. For instance, if the horse shows negative behavior towards his jockey, expect they can’t perform their best during the race.

If you watch the race physically, you can check out each contender on the paddocks as they parade. It’s the perfect time to observe the horses’ behavior and help you predict the race’s outcome. If you notice an anxious, agitated, or naughty horse, staying away from that contender is advised. You can opt for a calm and collected horse, as they will perform better in the race.

Watch the Horse’s Past Races

Watching the 2023 Breeders’ Cup contenders’ past races will give you an idea of how the thoroughbreds perform on a racetrack. You can compare each horse’s ability and determine which will likely perform better on the Breeders’ Cup race day.

You can find many videos of all the races that the Breeders’ Cup contenders previously joined online. Examine each race and note important things that could affect the horse’s performance in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup event, such as injuries, weather conditions,s and the track type.

Not all horses can perform the same under specific conditions. Moreover, you can also take note of how long the horse has rested since his last race. Aside from watching videos about the contenders’ past performances, you must also read articles about what experts say about each horse.

See Who Trains And Rides the Horse

The last tip we will share is to check who trains and rides the horses. The trainers and jockeys have a significant impact on the horses’ success. The trainer is the one who manages the horse and establishes the practice and routines to become the best racehorse.

Many popular and seasoned trainers are entering the 2023 Breeders’ Cup this year. It can help you decide who to bet on if you look into who trains each contender. The jockey, on the other hand, is the one who will ride and control the horse on the racetrack.

If the jockey is good at connecting with the horse, the chance of them winning is high. Similar to the trainer, there are also many popular jockeys known to be the best in the industry. Watch out for these jockeys and note which horses they will ride in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup.


It’s understandable if you are currently overwhelmed or confused with who to bet on this coming November 3 and 4, 2023. So, let the tips provided guide you to increasing your chance of picking the next Breeders’ Cup winner and winning your bet.