7 Essential Survival Tools for Long Hikes

We have definitely been blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty of our little blue planet. Nature offers some scenery that you simply cannot forget after one viewing, and it can be quite breathtaking. While oceans provide tranquil, majestic views and forests are adventurous and wonderful, it is the mountains and valleys that truly offer the experience of a lifetime.

You haven’t really gotten to know yourself until you’ve gone on a hiking trip. You will see those mountains and trails from a whole new perspective, and more importantly, you will get to know the real ‘you.’ You cannot go on such expeditions unprepared, though, because you never know what is waiting out there. 

These are 7 essential survival tools you will need for long hikes. 

1. Tents

Even if you have it figured that you will go on an overnight hiking trip, with no intention to stay the night in the outdoors, you still have to take a tent with you. A sand or snow storm might hit you, or it might rain too hard and flood the roads. In any case, you need to be prepared for such possibilities and carry shelter with you.

These tents can save your life, and they aren’t even that heavy to carry around. They keep you warm in rough weather conditions, and they can protect you from rain or heavy winds. So, always pack a tent first, because in it lies your survival should anything happen on your hiking trip. 

2. First aid kit 

You can’t possibly go on a long hike without a first aid kit. The survival guides on https://bestsurvival.org/, will urge you to get a top of the line first aid kit, which will contain antibiotics and all the other medical supplies you might need on a long hiking trip, from medicinal creams to bandages and much more.

Something as simple as a flesh wound from a tree could cause an infection and actually threaten your life. Again, no matter how experienced and confident you are, a first aid kit could easily save your life in the wilderness where you have no idea what you will encounter.

3. Navigation 

Even the most experienced scouts can get lost and not be able to find their way in the wilderness. The sun isn’t always around to guide you, and the stars can be misleading. This is why it is important that you carry some form of navigational tools to help you.

Yes, your smartphone has a GPS, but what good would that do in a trail with no reception? When it comes to navigation tools for hiking trips, nothing beats a good old fashioned compass and a paper map!

4. Water purification tablets 

If you are going on a hiking trip, then you probably have it figured out in terms of food and water. So, you probably have quite a few water bottles and the location of a nearby well or other sources of water. But what if you get lost and run out of water?

In that case, you will have to make do with whatever nearby sources you can find, and that can be quite dangerous because you don’t know if the water is good or not. This is why you always have to pack water purification tablets, which can kill all contaminants in the water from viruses to bacteria and other parasites. 

5. Fire starting kit

Again, anything could go wrong on a hiking trip, and you could easily find yourself out in the cold with no shelter but your tent. What would you do if you want to light a fire? Having matches and a lighter won’t do. You need a waterproof, fire starter to get a fire going, so never forget those. Also, bring a knife and some matches. 

6. Lights 

You really don’t want to be camping out in the woods or on some mountain trail with no lights around you. It is not only terrifying, but also dangerous, because you could easily trip and fall. So, always pack waterproof lights, headlamps –– they can be quite useful trying to start a fire at night, and spare batteries for all of those. 

7. Emergency clothes 

It is always important to be prepared in terms of clothing when you are planning to go hiking for a few days. The weather forecast isn’t always accurate, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in the rain without any raincoats or extra blankets/socks. 

Going on a long hike is more exciting and adventurous than most things you will ever do, and you will have a lot of fun. But you need to be prepared. Fun as it is, hiking entails dealing with the unknown, and to do that, you need to have the right gear.