Roles of Technology in The CBD Industry

The cannabis and CBD industry has been on the rise for quite a while now and it has yet to peak its climax. What this means is that there is still not slowing down in the constantly increasing popularity of CBD and its derived products.

CBD market is estimated to increase many folds than it is right now and this shows the potential of CBD in the medical and daily wellness supplement niche. The number of people using CBD as a part of their supplementary diet and for numerous medical conditions is steeply increasing and showing no signs of slowing down.

The CBD industry is estimated to become a $22 billion business by 2022. This huge potential has captured the attention of many investors and is being regarded as a well-suited investment option. While it may seem that almost everyone, even pet owners, as CBD is properly advertised and sold for pets, is singing the praises of CBD and saying how marvelous it is.

But the overall industry is still in its beginning and will require more time and some brand new cutting edge technology for achieving its peak.

All in all, there have been some major strides in the technology being used in the CBD industry and there have been some modern techniques that have facilitated the cannabis industry. Some of the niches in which technology has revolutionized or facilitated the CBD industry are explained below.

DNA Sequencing

The naturally growing cannabis offers various concentrations of CBD and THC in them all depending upon the type and conditions in which the plant grows and the type of DNA sequencing it gets. The result is a wide range of market products which is difficult to regulate.

DNA sequencing and genomics in the field of science and medicine have shown that a particular sequencing or assembly of this plants’ DNA ould result in a final extract which is exactly according to our needs. It can have a 100% pure THC or CBD extract and even some rare enzymes that can lead to the formation of the rare cannabinoid known as the CBC.

Already a colorado based company has made claims to have formulated a CRISPR gene-editing method to grow plants with no CBD or THC at all.

Personalized Products

Every person has a different biochemistry and their body reacts to various cannabinoids in different ways. They show varied impact n using various concentrations or streams of THC and CBD.

Through swab testing and genetics study, technology has made it possible to make a specialized personal CBD or THC stream for the users which is most suitable for them. By studying genetics and taking saliva swab of a person, these tech companies offer the perfect blend of THC and CBD for their use which will who the best results for them.

App-based and Online Retail with Consumer Contact

The commence of e-commerce and its highly paced popularity among common consumers is also a helping factor for the CBD industry.

Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and all of us were confined within the boundaries of our homes, these online retailers and CBD sellers were quite helpful in offering the best categories of CBD products with good discounts. Numerous platforms like Five CBD have facilitated the industry with their good service.

Enhancing Growth Lights

The LED technology has helped quite a lot in this regard. Various CBD plants require different spectrums of light for their normals growth which is only feasible for outdoors and tropical climates.

But for indoor industries, these LED lights with just the right spectrum needed for CBD’s faster growth have facilitated the business quite a lot. Another befit of these LED lights is that they produce very less heat as compared to normal bulbs which allows a balanced control of temperature for proper growth requests of CBD plants.

Enhanced Bioavailability

CBD in nature has a low bioavailability which means that they are only effective up to a specific percentage. According to recent findings, only 20% of the total CBD intake is absorbed into the bloodstream of a person’s body and rest is wasted.

Nanotechnology has solved this problem which converts the CBD molecules into a nanomolecular structure and dimensions for easy absorption and a high effeteness percentage.