Must-Have Pickup Truck Accessories and Upgrades

Getting accessories for your pickup truck will allow you to customize it so it can fit your needs and lifestyle. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your pickup truck as there are many options out there that would help you avoid spending too much and yet get the right accessories. No matter how you use your truck, it is always good to upgrade it with affordable add-ons. From remote lights to vent visors, there are plenty of options available.   

If you are having trouble figuring out what to get, below are a few things you might want to consider.


Whether we are talking about practical bed lights or a remote spotlight for a truck with the option to become a floodlight, note that it is necessary to have spare lights in case you have to do work in the dark or extreme weather conditions. Remote spotlights usually mount on the outside of the vehicle to help provide additional visibility in low-light or dark conditions.

Note that most trucks do not come with lights built into the bed itself, so getting additional bed lights would be quite beneficial. You can add lights to brighten the bed up, and are especially useful if you are doing work at night. You can consider manufacturer lights since they often have switches, both in the cabin and in the bed for easier access.

All-weather mats and floor liners

Floor mats or liners will protect the carpeted floor from whatever you bring inside, whether it is water, mud, or snow. Adding a set of rubber mats customized to your truck means you’ll just need to run them through the washer belt or hose them off at the car wash.

When purchasing floor mats make sure they’re locked down and don’t interfere with your brake pedal. If they start moving forward, it can become a serious safety threat. Also, you might want to know the difference between floor mats and floor liners. Floor liners are custom fit to your vehicle, while floor mats are just mats that go on the floor of your truck.

Tonneau covers

One of the things that people love the most about pickup trucks is that they have an open space for their truck beds. However, note that one of the most important products for any truck owner is a truck bed cover. Improving the fuel economy, protecting the gear and bed itself, or just giving the truck’s bed a sleek look, a tonneau cover is one of the most popular must-have upgrades.

Many customers opt for a cover for the added security features, but also because it improves your miles per gallon. There are different types of covers depending on your preference. You can add a stylish and aesthetically pleasing soft roll-up tonneau cover, or if you prefer more security, you might want to opt for a hard folding cover.


Another great addition to your truck would be some kind of storage solution. You can choose a traditional toolbox, or something unique. Truck bed organizers involve drawers and additional storage areas that run throughout the length of the truck’s bed. You can custom fit it to your specific model and it will maximize storage.

Cargo management options range from nets that section off parts of the bed to full bed trays that slide out of your truck bed, or a simple toolbox that sits up near the cab. The storage solution is one of the top truck accessories for any pickup truck owner. It can help you organize and you’ll be able to carry more when you put some effort into it.

Wireless back-up camera

In case your truck is not equipped with a backup screen then don’t hesitate to purchase a wireless backup camera displaying through your phone or tablet. There are various models, and you just have to choose one that fits you best. For example, there are backup cameras with rechargeable batteries that mount directly to the rear license plate frame.

With these wireless cameras, you’ll have to download an accompanying app that will help you monitor better. Make sure you purchase a water-resistant camera since it will be on the outside of your truck and it should withstand the elements.

Final thoughts

There are many more accessories and upgrades you can consider installing; you just have to think of your needs. Whether you need step bars, bug shields, vent visors, or extra wheels and tires, make sure you look through all available items before deciding to purchase something. Also, make sure what you purchase would be useful for you and your pickup truck.