Do Tutors Actually Improve Knowledge Or Is It A False Opinion?

For a long time, parents have trusted private tutors to improve their child’s performance in school. However, some might tell you that there is not much a tutor does, and it is all up to the child’s potential and determination. You, too, may wonder whether hiring a tutor actually improves knowledge or it is a false opinion.

If your child is weak at maths and has been complaining that he finds it difficult to understand it at school, a skilled maths tutor can improve the focus and help him overcome the difficulties.

Benefits of hiring a tutor for your child

Let’s look at a few points to figure out how a tutor can help your child.

1. Personalized Approach

At school, the teacher needs to focus on 20+ students at a time. Every student has a different level of understanding, and it is impossible for a teacher to work on every one of them. In contrast, a private tutor can focus solely on the student and use an approach based on his understanding.

2. Improved Confidence

When a student is learning outside the school under the mentorship of a skilled tutor, it builds confidence. He will have a better understanding in school and will not be shying from answering in class. Improved confidence boosts the curiosity of a child and pushes him to learn to retain new information.

3. Depth of Concept

While teaching a class at school, the teacher focuses on the syllabus and tries to cover it despite the vacations and events, making it difficult for a teacher to explore the subject more than he needs to. On the other hand, a tutor gets a lot more time to curb the curiosities and spark the student’s interest.

4. Overall development

A tutor is not just a teacher helping a child with his studies. He is also a mentor, navigating the child through his growth years. A good tutor can help his student’s overall development, including his character, his confidence, personality, and awareness. Therefore, a tutor can totally change the path of a child.

5. Flexibility

A school teacher does not have enough time to be flexible and care for each student. However, a tutor does have the luxury of time. In case the student asks for a break, saying he isn’t focused, the tutor can teach him about the wonderful natural phenomenon that the child will be interested in.

6. Fewer Distractions

Most of the tutoring is at home, where the student is comfortable and safe. He is not distracted by what everyone around him is doing or how his crush is looking today. Therefore, a student can focus on actual learning and dive into study.


With improved confidence and fewer distractions, when a student learns under the mentorship of a skilled tutor, he is bound to learn more than when situations are opposite. It is, therefore, that tutoring has been relied upon by parents for a long time. In conclusion, we can say that private tutors can actually help in improving the knowledge of a child.