How Lawyers Can Use Video for Marketing

Video marketing is the most slaying trend of today’s digital advertising strategies, and YouTube is the premier platform for it. Several industries and hundreds of companies have benefited from the perks of incorporating videos in their promotion plans.

Trends and numbers have shown that video usage has given online traffic a significant boost and improved customer engagement with a higher audience reach. And all of these are also applicable to law and associated firms.

However, there are certain things to note before coming up with a YouTube intro video for your law firm, and we have listed the prime factors right here. So, give them a read and involve your audience at best.

Video Marketing for Law

1. Curate Content:

While videos are about visual images, they have to have compelling content for connecting with your brand. Hence, your advertising agency or team must pay attention to what is supposed to be put in the video.

And that catch is that everything is to be wrapped up in the average video duration of 60 seconds, maybe even less. Hence, it is important to include only the key points that can leave an emotional as well as an intellectual impact on your audience. One of the most powerful strategies for creating a social media video is targeting your audience. You need to tell a story showing them who you are and why they should follow you. It is not about the product itself; it should be about what motivates you and what will you offer to them in return.

2. Look out for Questions:

Any average person hits any search engine looking for answers to questions that pop up in their mind. What will amaze you is the potential held by the correct answers to the clients’ endless questions.

Won’t it be amazing if you could get answers to all your queries at a single platform rather than hitting several different links? And the same is true for the law audience. So, you can check for the common law questions or topics that people query about and tell them all about it in a matter of minutes through videos.

3. Videos and SEO Ranking:

This is one important aspect that advertising strategists miss to account for when dealing with video content. If we talk about the latest trends, search engines are inclined towards websites with video content, images, links, and text.

One simple way to easily implement this is through intro videos and intro maker for YouTube. These could be the short versions of your upcoming videos or basic intro videos that introduce your firm or your brand to the target audience.

4. Delivery of Call-to-action:

Once the audience has been through your video, some will look at what you offer. They are certain to visit your website, social media pages, and portal if you have any. But have you made it easy for them to reach out to you?

Well, you surely have given them the reason to approach you, but it is better not to take any chances with a convertible lead.

And this is easier done than said. All you’ve got to do is share the correct links or contact numbers at the end of the video, and they are connected directly to you. You can share the necessary links in the comments section, caption, headline, and the video script. So, do include a call-to-action in your video, and make your firm rank better every day.

5. Quality Impacts Promotion:

You don’t have to put in a lot of thought to establish that people prefer quality in every aspect. And this philosophy is highly applicable in terms of video marketing for lawyers.

Your video is talking to your audience on your company’s behalf, and hence, you must deliver the correct message in the best possible quality.

Do note that the majority of the shoot for a video is completed in a day. So, your firm can consider and hire the necessary equipment without compromising on quality. This will ensure that no person leaves your page because of poor quality videos.

6. Be Patient:

Since you are aware of how much power a high-quality video holds, you might want it to be created ASAP. Well, this is acceptable with human nature, but make sure this does not lead to any conciliation with the video.

This means that stringent timelines and poor content can produce a much-awaited video with compromised content and quality. So, it is important to have patience with the process. It is indeed a time consuming one that requires in-depth planning, whether created with a professional editor or an online outro maker.

7. Video Branding:

Before you get confused, read on another minute. It is understood that your video is supposed to promote your brand and boost your traffic and sales. But, what if you create videos that feature popular faces, preferably lawyers?

Given that you have a law firm, you must be connected with some public figures in the field. You can also promote videos that feature a message from the CEO and brand your video for an even quantified reach.

8. Utilize Social Media:

Don’t keep your video’s capability limited to your website and portal only. Those videos have a huge potential with all the key value propositions and credibility.

So, make sure that you make use of all the social media platforms available at your firm’s end. Post, promote, and interact with the audience to increase your reach and gain their trust.


With over 60% of firms incorporating video marketing, it is indeed a tough competition, and catching attention might not be a piece of cake. Ensure the top quality of the video and content because your target clients are looking for solutions. And if your video can persuade them, you will have their full attention.

Now that you have all the necessary tips available, you must be excited to experiment with them. Some of you might have already tried some of these and are happy with the response that you must be getting from it.

If you are also into it, let us know how impactful it has been for your law firm.