What Are The Best Video Editing Apps?

Ever since Steve Jobs took to the stage in 2007 to announce Apple’s new iPhone, the mobile phone industry has changed. Competitors such as Samsung, Huawei and Google are all battling it out to create the most innovative and impressive smartphone on the market. One aspect which is a huge factor in the decision-making process when buying a phone is the camera.

Nowadays everyone is an amateur photographer or filmmaker. The adoption of DIY video production has increased tremendously, leaving a huge market for video editing apps to enter the scene. While more proficient filmmakers are comfortable using their video workstation, smartphone apps offer a simpler approach.

So if you’re looking to get into filmmaking, take a look at the best video editing apps on the market.

The Best Mobile Video Editing Apps

1. KineMaster

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

KineMaster is known for its versatility, and its ability to use screen space well has also garnered praise. It allows users to edit videos on multiple layers, giving them an unlimited number of text overlays, images, audio and handwriting. Its incredibly user-friendly editing tools make it easy to alter video effects and transitions.

KineMasters also uses effects for chroma key compositing. Best of all, videos can be exported to 1080p or 4k!

2. InShot

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Best suited in making videos for social media platforms such as Instagram, InShot has been noted for its easy-to-use interface. Users have a number of tools at their disposal – they can trim and merge clips, make cuts, and alter the speed of the video.

The app is host to several different filters, giving users the option to purchase more. A hugely popular app, InShot appears at number 11 of the photo & video chart on the App Store (and that’s just behind the likes of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat!).

3. Splice

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone and iPad

“Edit like a pro on the go” with Splice. This awarding-winning video editing app, initially developed by GoPro, comes with the classic features of editing tools such as the ability to trim clips, speed controls and text overlays.

Splice has its own range of free music, but it also integrates with iTunes, giving users the ability to customise the perfect soundtrack. In fact, users can trim and mix multiple audio tracks with precision and sync their video to the beat of the soundtrack.

When you’re done, you can export your creation straight to YouTube in glorious 4k.

4. Filmmaker Pro

Price: From $4.99 per month – $34.99 per month
Available on: iPhone and iPad

Perhaps a more professional video editing app is the iOS-exclusive Filmmaker Pro. This app caters to users of all abilities, from beginners who are just starting out to more advanced users who could even create an entire movie on this platform!

Filmmaker Pro hosts 30 video filters, a range of different transitions and also includes the ability to colour grade. Like other apps on this list, the app also has a chroma key feature. While some of the features (including the removal of a watermark) require a premium unlock, Filmmaker Pro still serves as a fantastic video editing app for everybody.

5. Magisto

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Magisto is more geared towards digital marketers and businesses who are looking to create videos to improve brand awareness, lead generation and sales. The most unique aspect of this app is that it is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which quickly analyses your video to find the best parts of your clip.

Like others, Magisto comes with a range of filters and effects, but it impressively boasts facial recognition and a commercial-license music library.

Magisto is a monthly subscription service, so it best serves individuals looking to edit videos daily. If you’re looking for a video editing app for your business, this is the perfect one for you!

6. Horizon

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

This video editing app solves a very unique issue – it always captures wide shots no matter how the user is holding their device. Videos can be captured at 1080p and up to 2k resolution with the app being home to eight real-time filters.

Videos can also be shot up to 120 frames per second, and Horizon even provides slow motion support. Are you looking to keep your videos horizontal? Then this is the app for you.

7. WeVideo

Price: From $4.99 per month – $29.99 per month
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

The creators of WeVideo pride their app on being able to cater to any need, whether it’s to make content for education, business or just everyday life. A cloud-based video editor, WeVideo offers free users up to 10GB of cloud storage.

The app comes with over 1 million pieces of stock media, as well as green screen capability to make your video look truly professional. Videos can be exported in a variety of formats making it easy to optimise for social media, the web and mobile.

8. Videoshop

Price: Freemium
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Videoshop is brilliant for users who have no previous experience in video editing. The app is tremendously user-friendly and is helpful in talking you through how to use it. It is great for editing videos quickly and also has a range of filters and sound effects to make the video extra quirky.

With other standard tools such as trim, slow motion and transition, Videoshop is an ideal video editing app for individuals just starting out in filmmaking.

9. Quik

Price: Free
Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Brought to you by GoPro, Quik gives its users the opportunity to create awesome videos with ease. Users can add up to 200 photos and video clips from their Photo Library or GoPro Plus – including live photos.

The best part about Quik is that it gathers data from users’ GoPro footage such as faces, voices, jumps and smiles, analysing the video to pick out the best moments. Thanks to its ability to detect faces and colours, it can frame footage perfectly.

10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Freemium
Available on: macOS, Windows, iOS and Android

Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or just starting out, you will have heard of Adobe. The follow-up to Adobe Premiere Clip, Adobe takes user feedback from its predecessor to focus all their efforts on Adobe Premiere Rush.

Premiere Rush is a cross-device video editing tool that works across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. So whether you are looking to edit your videos on mobile or PC, Premier Rush has you covered. Ideal for creating short, professional videos, it is fantastic for capturing, editing and sharing videos on all social platforms, from Facebook to YouTube.

Premiere Rush also boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with a tutorial covering all the key features you need to make the perfect video.


There are a whole host of video editing apps on the market nowadays. There’s no number one app that everybody deems the best – it’s just a matter of picking the one you are most comfortable using.

It’s best to have a go using a number of different apps first before choosing one you stick with. One thing is for certain, though: if you are looking to get into filmmaking, there is definitely a video editing app for you!

Author Bio: Oliver Griffiths has a passion for film, video games and technology. He can be found at Tillison Consulting running a number of clients’ digital marketing campaigns across all sectors and platforms.