Why Start Your Weight Loss Routine with a Morning Walk?

Have you ever thought that your long-planned weight loss journey could start literally with walking steps? Morning walks are one of the most effective ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle in general, but they can give remarkable results when it comes to weight loss.

Dieting and intense workouts can be overwhelming when you first make the decision to lose some weight; however, following a simple walking routine warms up your body and sets you on the right track to your goal. In this article, we’ll demonstrate the importance of morning walks and how it contributes to one’s weight loss.

The Positive Effects of Morning Walks

Burns more calories

Walking has many better healthful results than dieting alone; even a small daily exercise will reduce body fat and cholesterol levels. That was the conclusion of a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders. The study covered two groups of female adults who walked either 30 minutes or 60 minutes daily; both groups showed significantly similar changes in their weight loss.

Increases heart rate

Walking at a relatively intense pace increases heart rate and motivates the body to burn more calories. Although you don’t have to run to start feeling the results, choosing the right walking speed is important.

According to Well & Good, a leading wellness digital publication, it’s recommended to switch walking paces between power walking and slow walking to increase cardiorespiratory fitness.

Sustainable habit

Most of the time, overweight people have difficulty maintaining a consistent workout routine, whereas walking is easy and hence more sustainable. Despite being a simple exercise, before getting started, you need to be well prepared to make use of your morning effort and maximize the results.

While some habits have negative consequences, others are beneficial, and walking is one of those positive habits. According to Forbes, walking 10,000 steps daily has many health effects concerning heart health.

Workable Steps to Improve Morning Walks

All you need for a better walking routine is to get ready and protect yourself; once the two steps are taken into consideration, your morning walks will become a consistent part of your daily life.

Preparing yourself for a morning walk

Start your day with the right nutrition before heading out of the door, as it would support the fat-burning process. For example, consuming healthy drinks on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, like opting for a cup of matcha, is a great habit before exercising.

How good is matcha tea for weight loss?

Many experts, according to Forbes, consider matcha a superfood due to the fact of being packed with antioxidants that function as metabolism boosters and anti-inflammatory agents, slowing down the fat accumulation process. So, your earlier morning cup of matcha will still help you lose weight, even at your resting time!

Stress is one of the main reasons for weight gain due to the cortisol hormone, which is the number one responsible for increasing and accumulating belly fat; however, matcha helps regulate cortisol production, which reduces stress and supports the weight loss effort. In other words, and as Nature Magazine puts it, a cup of matcha can lift the mood.

From time to time, we experience fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Since matcha is rich in fiber, it keeps the body full for a longer time resulting in fewer unnecessary meals or late-night snacks.

Protecting yourself for a morning walk

After you’ve finished your morning cup of healthy matcha, it’s time to get ready for your morning walk! Nowadays, many try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible, but with the right preparation, nothing can stop you!

Wearing your comfy trainers and applying quality sunscreen isn’t enough; you must consider eye protection, especially on hot summer days.

Protecting your eyes is a must; according to Medical Express, many people neglect their eyes protection against sun damage; if you want the ultimate extra protection daily, you might consider investing in polarized sunglasses for UV protection.

How good are polarized sunglasses at protecting eyes?

Polarized lenses are an amazing choice for people who enjoy working out and exercising outdoors due to their glare reduction effect. Although you see things darker than usual while wearing polarized lenses, your vision through them surely will be clearer.

The reason is simple; a special chemical material is added to polarized lenses that can’t be found in other lenses; it functions as a filter to light at some levels. Polarized lenses have multiple advantages, from providing clear and better vision and ultimate UV protection to preventing the reflected glare that pounces off surfaces to reach the eyes.

All in all

In summary, outdoor morning walks are a great way to lose weight faster. So, what are you waiting for? Get your healthy dose of matcha, grab your polarized sunglasses, and you are all set.