Top 8 Advantages Of Tablets For Business

Remember the days you had to take notes by hand? After the meeting, you would go to your desktop and type it out. But, now you have the advantage of using tablets. They are compact, meaning you don’t have to worry about portability. You can also handle multiple tasks resulting in higher efficiency.

Our article will look at the top 8 advantages of tablets for business.

1. Working While In Transit

You may have a job that entails a lot of traveling. Think about how much time you spend during the commute. Unless you are the one driving, you lose a lot of hours just sitting. With a tablet, you can carry your office with you wherever you are.

You could be a graphic designer, aspiring actor, or a school teacher. You still get everything you need to complete your job on the tablet. You don’t inconvenience your neighbor on the train or plane by taking up space with a laptop.

The small size of a tablet means that even in a confined space, you can still work. Imagine doing graphic design on a tablet whenever inspiration strikes. That’s going to make you more productive and efficient.

You don’t have to worry about your mobile phone’s small screen size to answer or write emails. The tablet is smaller than a laptop and bigger than your phone. You stay up-to-date with whatever is happening wherever you are.

2. Taking Notes In Meetings

Make the process of taking notes during meetings easier with a tablet. Some options allow for voice recording and automatic transcription. A good example is Google Keep. Simply download it onto your tablet and enjoy the multiple functionalities. You get to capture everything without the hassle of writing the notes by hand.

Sharing of notes also becomes so much easier if you’re working with teams. You do everything in real-time, allowing for corrections or input from the other members. It saves time while improving the efficiency of business meetings.

3. Remote Working Capabilities

Your employees will no longer have an excuse not to be up-to-date with their work. A tablet allows for remote working. Your sales or marketing teams can update you every step of the way. They can also keep up with customer communication and respond promptly to any issues.

Whether you are working from home or in the field, you can easily communicate as if you are talking face-to-face. The result is better productivity from the team because you do not tether them to a desk to perform.

4. Availability of Tons of Apps

Apps make work so much simpler. You have a wide variety available for your business. Responding to customer queries, keeping calendar appointments, and accounting are some of the functions.

With the right app on the tablet, your team can engage with customers so much better. Developers are always working hard to improve their offerings. With the updates, you get the best technology has to offer.

5. Information At Your Fingertips

You want your employees to be able to access information wherever and whenever they are. With internet connectivity, the tablet gives access to the digital space. Research becomes so much easier, resulting in better decision-making.

6. Cost-saving

If you compare the cost of a laptop or desktop computer, the tablet is so much cheaper. For $100, you can get a tablet. You may, however, need to cough up to $400 for a basic laptop. You also do not need to provide any accessories like hard disks or cables.

You don’t have to keep calling in the technician because some of the moving parts have an issue. With cloud storage, you don’t even have to worry about expanding the storage capacity. You can have teams working without having to provide office space.

Determine your business needs so that you get the right tablet for you and your team members. It may surprise you that you do not have to go for the high-cost ones depending on what you need.

For additional functionality, integrate the tablets with the typical operating systems. Dell tablets will, for example, work with Windows 8. You get the convenience of managing them with the same Enterprise level. It means you don’t have to invest in extra encryption, firewall, or other security measures.

7. Better Team Collaboration

A tablet allows you to have different apps and tools. Such include collaboration platforms, social networking tools, and multiple Enterprises. Sharing and storage of files on the desktop from the tablet is also a breeze. The flexibility and convenience make tablets a worthwhile investment for any business.

By downloading Skype, for example, team members have access to each other wherever they are. You can have remote meetings or even business presentations without needing a meeting room. Team members can work on documents together, resulting in greater output. Gone are the days of “we did not have time to meet” as an excuse for missing work deadlines.

8. Access To Real-Time Information

Access to information can make the difference between good and bad customer service. Your customers should not wait for feedback on whatever they need. A simple click on the relevant page will give your team members the data they need with a tablet. They can check the availability of inventory. The sales team can quickly work out pricing or discounts. They can ask other team members for information and get instant feedback.

The teams can communicate via email or messaging where calls may not be possible. You will realize better customer service by bridging any information gaps. Real-time information means every team member knows what is happening every single minute. Even if one employee is away, someone else can quickly step in to sort out any issues.

Final Thoughts

Our article above has looked at the top 8 advantages of tablets for business. The device is small, allowing for easy portability. Even when you are traveling, you still stay up-to-date with office work. Sharing and collaboration are easy amongst team members. You also have tons of apps you can use to simplify work processes.

Best of all, the cost of tablets is not as high as what you would spend on a laptop or desktop computer. No matter what industry you are in, you will find convenience and efficiency with the tablet.