5 Common Reasons for an Attorney Request for Medical Records

Do you need a lawyer to help you retrieve medical records?

Health care is a sensitive matter, especially when it comes to deciding if someone receives treatment or not. This is why understanding what to expect is important.

Keep reading to learn several reasons for an attorney request for medical records.

1. Uncovering Medical Histories in Personal Injury Claims

Past medical records can provide information such as:

• timing of treatment
• types of treatments
• expenses associated with the injury

It can also reveal if the injury has caused any further medical complications or worsened any preexisting conditions. Obtaining medical records in claims provides an accurate assessment of the incident. This ensures that all parties involved are compensated as needed.

2. Exploring Possible Health Conditions in Defamation Suits

An attorney may request health records to help build a strong case. This might include obtaining records related to the following:

• psychiatric evaluations
• physical diagnosis of a plaintiff
• previous surgeries that could have led to complications

In some cases, this may provide evidence that a mental health condition was triggered by the defamatory statement. Additionally, medical records can reveal the extent of any damages or health consequences of a discussion. This will help determine whether the plaintiff has a higher probability of succeeding in their claim.

3. Clarifying Preexisting Conditions in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Records help the attorney understand the employees’ past medical history and treatment. Knowing the preexisting condition helps determine the level of disability the employee is dealing with.

It can aid in understanding the timeline for any injury or worsening of symptoms the employee is undergoing. It also helps better understand the previous treatments the employee may have already exhausted.

This information can provide a clear insight into whether a worker’s compensation claim is valid or not. This can also help in obtaining the proper amount of compensation for the employee.

4. Depicting Prior Care in Dog Bite Litigations

In dog bite litigation, medical records may help depict prior care and any developments which may be relevant to the case. It can help show if the defendant was aware of the animal’s aggressive tendencies.

This can also help learn the facts or gain evidence about the medical condition of the victim soon after the bite occurred. Also, it may be very useful for arguments about compensation for the injury.

5. Utilizing Medical Records in Slip and Fall Claims

The attorney needs to verify whether or not the injuries sustained in the slip and fall are linked to the incident or preexisting. Additionally, medical records can provide evidence of the extent of the injury sustained. In the event the plaintiffs’ claims require further medical intervention or treatment, records can show any prolonged pain and suffering beyond the normal healing period.

It is also possible the records can provide evidence of the damages associated with the slip and fall. Lastly, these are used as a measure of both past and future medical costs related to the slip and fall incident.

Understand These Common Reasons for an Attorney Request for Medical Records

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons for an attorney request for medical records. By understanding these common reasons, one can be more prepared to organize and share their records when an attorney expresses interest.

If you have any legal questions, it is advised to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

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