Should You Do A Background Check Before Going On A Date

Doing a background check before going on a date can help keep you safe and save time otherwise wasted on the wrong person. Background checks will either leave you with hope and energy or protect you from disappointment and risk. There are several effective, quick, and easy ways to run one. UnMask is the go-to source for additional facts on this subject.

Social Media Profiles

Prior to a full-fledged, semiprofessional background check, there is no harm in giving someone’s Twitter or Facebook the once-over. Watch for red flags like racist or sexist comments, hate speech, or odd interests. These should not be ignored. On the other hand, it’s easy to get entwined in details and start taking trivial things out of context.

Act on Suspicions

If you have qualms about someone, don’t be afraid to check them out. Your safety is more important than what they might think if they found out you checked them. A background check might reveal that they’re already with someone or even something like a criminal record.

A Criminal Background Check

Now, we get to the full-fledged screening we mentioned earlier. It’s very easy to run a criminal history check on your potential partner because most criminal record data is public. You would need to know where they may have been convicted of a crime.

Use any information you have about where they live and cities and states where they’ve lived before. You might not find a record if they were convicted in another state or county. If you know about a record in the state of Delaware, searching the delaware arrest records for more details on this person can prove useful and could potentially save you from a bad experience.

Online dating has changed a lot about how we meet potential partners. Today, almost 33% of all couples meet on the internet. People who met in traditional ways tend to report lower levels of happiness than those who met online. However, it’s online dating disasters that make the news.

How to Predict an Online Dating Disaster

You might run a background check, find nothing concerning, and proceed to meet the person in real life. Regrettably, this could be just the beginning of your problems.

When you meet, you might feel something is “off” about them. Assessing your comfort is the most important personal identifier on a date. You need to ask yourself whether things feel “right” with him and whether you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally safe.

If you feel uncomfortable in any way, don’t stay in the situation. It’s not going to get any better.

Feeling uncomfortable is the best predictor of a bad date or even a dating disaster. There are certain forms of behavior to watch out for. Women describe them using the word “creepy”.

Such behavior includes someone who immediately insists on physical contact, even if it seems like a friendly gesture. For example, he keeps his hand on your shoulder or back when you step away. He might stand uncomfortably close to you and move forward persistently as you back away. He reaches out to touch your hair or jewelry while commenting on it.

Forms of creepy behavior also include a long and emotionless stare, insisting you eat or drink something, or bragging about sexual performance on the very first date. He might ask you a lot of questions about your life yet be vague when asked about his own.

If you notice any of these things and they make you uncomfortable, end the date as soon as you can. Don’t wait to see how the situation will develop if you feel something is not right. Put some distance between you and move to safety. We can only replace fear with confidence once we understand the threats dating involves and learn to practice safety.