The Electric Explorer: How To Select The Best E-Bike for Your Lifestyle

Are you considering getting an e-bike? Many options are suited for different lifestyles, so choosing can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

We gathered all the information you need to select the best e-bike for your lifestyle, so stick around. You’ll be an electric explorer soon enough!

1. Consider Your Lifestyle Needs

First, you’ll want to consider why you’re purchasing the electric bike. Will you use it for commuting to work, exercising, or tackling the trails? How you intend to use the bike will change what type you should get. There are also many cycling styles to consider.

Here are a few common reasons why someone might be an e-bike:

  • Commuting: You’ll use the bike to run errands, work, and other places in an urban setting. You don’t plan on taking the bike off-roading at all.
  • Recreational: You want to take the bike on leisurely rides around town and prefer that it’s comfortable.
  • Exercising: You’ll use the bike regularly in your fitness routine and want it to adjust the workout to your current fitness level.
  • Trail riding and off-roading: You want to use the e-bike on rough terrain.
  • Long-distance: You want to take long treks and need a long-lasting battery for the bike.

You may have a combination of reasons you want to buy an e-bike, so try to prioritize the type of riding you’ll do the most. Many e-bikes can be versatile, so you don’t need to feel locked into only buying a specific bike.

2. Choose an E-Bike Type

Now that you’ve considered how the bike will fit into your lifestyle, you can choose a type of e-bike. There are several options, each best suited for a particular riding style.

These e-bike types include:

  • City e-bike: A bike that does best on flat, paved surfaces like sidewalks and roads. You’ll choose this if you need to commute in an urban area.
  • Cruiser e-bike: A bike that’s made for comfortable riding. It features a low step-through frame and has you sitting in a relaxed position. It’s best for recreational or leisurely riding.
  • Electric trike: 3 wheel electric bikes; the extra wheel is for more support and balance. Many people with mobility problems use them for exercising. They also often come with more storage space on the back of the frame, making them great for getting groceries and transporting your stuff.
  • Mountain e-bike: Made for off-roading on rugged terrain. They’re durable and have more suspension than other bike frames.
  • Long-range e-bike: Electric bikes that are made for the longest rides. They’re comfortable and have a heavy-duty battery. You may want to check that your order comes with an extra battery if you plan on doing bike tours.

Compare your needs with the different types of e-bikes available to choose one. 

3. Check the E-bike’s Features

Once you know what type of bike you want, you’ll need to compare several models within your budget. Make sure you check the features they offer to find one that suits you the best.

Below are some of the most common e-bike features you’ll want to look for.

Frame Size

First, you need to make sure that the frame fits you well. It won’t matter if the bike has everything you want it to if you can’t ride it. 

You can measure yourself for a frame by using your inseam measurement. Use a tape measure and record the length from inside your foot to where your leg touches your waist. You’ll want to choose bikes with a standover height similar to your inseam.

Battery Range

You’ll also want to check the battery that the bike comes with. It should have a listed range that can cover your riding distance. Remember that the battery needs enough power to get you there and back.

Pedal Assist Levels and Modes

Pedal assist is a feature that comes with almost all modern e-bikes. When you turn it on, the motor helps you move the bike. 

You’ll want to choose one that comes with a pedal assist level, how much help you get from the bike, that’s comfortable for you. There are also a few different modes, including options to turn the motor on or off.

Motor Type

E-bikes have many different kinds of motors. Hub motors near the front or rear of the bike are usually found on city bikes. Mid-drive motors are often on off-road bikes since they won’t disturb the balance.

Mid-drive motors are more complex, but they’re more powerful, too. They will cost you more than a hub motor. So, leave room for it in your budget if that’s what you want.

Brake Type

There are different types of brakes to look at, too. These include hydraulic discs, mechanical discs, and rim brakes.

Hydraulic disc brakes are powerful and offer perfect stopping. You get outstanding performance even in poor weather.

Mechanical disc brakes use a cable for stopping. Over time, they require adjustment and only offer decent braking power.

Rim brakes are affordable, but you aren’t getting much stopping power.

Storage Space

Many e-bikes, especially three-wheeled and cruiser bikes, offer more storage space on the back of the bike. You can use it to transport more stuff with you.

You won’t want this on bikes you plan on using only for exercise, but it’s an excellent feature when running errands with the bike.

Additional Features

You’ll want to consider if you need extra features with the bike. Many come with smartphone app integration. 

The app connects to your bike and sends data, including ride speed, battery life, and GPS routine planning. 

It’s best for those who want to track their workout data or plan their commuting routine. Not everyone needs these additional features, but they can be fun.

Venture Forth Electric Explorer!

Now that you know what e-bike will suit you the best, you’ll have no problems finding the perfect model. You’ll be good to go if you consider your needs and the e-bike’s main features.

E-bikes are a ton of fun to ride, so get out there and enjoy it!