Top 59 Best Friends Quotes for Forever Friendship

Friends are very easy to find, really. But the best? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

A best friend is really hard to find, that’s why they are said to be the truest and the best. So, when you do find one, hang on tight and never let go.

Best Friends Quotes for Forever Friendship

Let your best friends know how lucky you are to have them in your life and how much they mean to you by sending them these best friends quotes and prove to everyone that forever does exist.

1. “Best friends can turn a horrible day into one of the best days of your life.” — Nathanael Richmondis

2. “Friends make you smile — best friends make you laugh until you wet your pants.” — Unknown

3. “A best friend is someone who knows exactly what you are thinking about just by taking one quick glance at you.” — Anonymous

4. “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” — Henry Ford

5. “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” — C. S. Lewis

6. “A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out.” — Shannon L. Alder

7. “Best friends. Because if anyone else heard our conversations we’d end up in the mental hospital.” — Anonymous

8. “Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

9. “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.” — Anonymous

10. “A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you’ll never smile again.” — Unknown

11. “A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else.” — Len Wein

12. “Sometimes being with your best friend is all the therapy you need.” — Unknown

13. “A best friend is someone who listens, doesn’t judge and somehow makes everything right.” — Anonymous

14. “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell

15. “Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time.” — Unknown

16. “Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get us through this life – and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.” — Dean Koontz

17. “Best friends are the ones who hate the same stuff.” — Unknown

18. “A best friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face.” — Anonymous

19. “Ooh you’re the best friend that I ever had
I’ve been with you such a long time
You’re my sunshine and I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
Oh, you’re my best friend.” — Queen

20. “That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you – the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you – because that is what people are supposed to do.” — Unknown

21. “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” — Bill Watterson

22. “Best friends share laughs, memories and inside jokes. They will always be honest and stand by your side no matter what. They wipe your tears, pick you up when you fall and are forever a piece of your heart.” — Anonymous

23. “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

24. “Best friends go together like rainbow sprinkles and ice cream.” — Unknown

25. “Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.” — Emily Wing Smith

26. “Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.” — Anonymous

27. “A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them.” — Unknown

28. “True friends aren’t the ones who make your problems disappear. They are the ones who won’t disappear when you’re facing problems.” — Unknown

29. “True friends stab you in the front.” — Oscar Wilde

30. “A best friend isn’t someone who’s just always there for you. It’s someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself.” — Anonymous

31. “A best friend cares like a mom; scolds like a dad; teases like a sister; irritates like a brother; and loves more than a lover.” — Unknown

32. “I mean really if you can’t count on your best friend to go to jail with you, what good are they?” — Janice Hardy

33. “A best friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again.” — Unknown

34. “A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun!’” — Kate Angell

35. “That’s the cool thing about having a best friend. They know what your pain feels like already, so you don’t have to explain it.” — Susane Colasanti

36. “One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends.” — Unknown

37. “The difference between your friend and your best friend is that your friend asks, ‘Are you are ok?’ and your best friend asks, ‘Do you want to talk about it?’” — Andrew Wommack

38. “A best friend is the only one person you can’t stay mad at for too long, because you have too many things to talk about.” — Unknown

39. “When best friends come together, the shining spirit of solidarity replaces the brightest star Sirius!” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

40. “Girls can survive without a boyfriend but they can’t survive without a best friend.” — Unknown

41. “True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance.” — Henry David Thoreau

42. “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” — Euripides

43. “You’re not my best friend. You’re my sister, and that’s more.” — Jenny Han

44. “Your good friends can write a book on you; but your best friends can create an embarrassing full-fledged 3 hours movie on you, with silliest jingles and animation made ever.” — Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar

45. “When you find a best friend, you become two flowers blooming from the same bud.” — Debasish Mridha

46. “Strangers think I’m quiet. My friends think I’m outgoing. My best friend knows that I am completely insane.” — Unknown

47. “Best friends are those rare people who come to find you in dark places and lead you back to the light.” — Anonymous

48. “If you have one true friend you have more than your share.” — Dr. Thomas Fuller

49. “A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!” — Doug Larson

50. “A best friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.” — Unknown

51. “Best friends are people who will make your problem their problems, just so you don’t have to go through them alone.” — Anonymous

52. “My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.” — Aristotle

53. “He’s my friend that speaks well of me behind my back.” — Dr. Thomas Fuller

54. “She’s always there for me when I need her; she’s my best friend; she’s just my everything.” — Ashley Olsen

55. “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” — David Tyson

56. “True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together.” — Unknown

57. “Best friends have conversations that are impossible to understand by other people.” — Unknown

58. “You can’t describe your best friends in words. You can describe them with memories that you had with them.” — Unknown

59. “You will always be the sister of my soul, the friend of my heart.” — Anonymous

Final Thoughts

Having a best friend is something that is indescribable.

No matter what the circumstances are, they are always there for you, looking on without any judgment and only have your best interest at heart.