Bicycle Safety Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Ever since we were kids there as something exhilarating about riding a bike, as adults, we are using these two-wheelers for health reasons and fitness. Some are riding them professionally while others do it because it’s a fun and relaxing way to spend free time.

However, riding bicycles on the streets and roads can be quite a dangerous activity, especially in those locations where the traffic is very thick. 

So, if you want to start cycling or you’re already doing it on a regular basis, make sure you’re taking certain precautions. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. These are some of the things you need to pay attention to stay safe on the road.

Always Wear a Helmet

While riding a bike, you are pretty much unprotected and hence very vulnerable. One part of your body that needs superior protection is your head.

Speaking from experience, any bicycle accident lawyer can confirm bikers frequently end up with neck and traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and severe abrasions, among other things. Fatal outcomes regarding bike accidents usually happen due to head injury.

Be responsible and understand that wearing a helmet can sometimes be the difference between life and death. When you go to buy one, make sure it meets all the safety standards. There is usually a sticker on the interior confirming this.            

Maximize Your Visibility

When you talk to the people who have hit a person riding a two-wheeler, you will often hear a sentence: “I didn’t see him!”. Although, those driving cars pay attention to what’s happening on the road, not seeing a cyclist is, unfortunately, a relatively common occurrence.

To prevent this from happening, always wear bright color clothes, and if you’re riding at night, make sure they are reflective. This will make you more visible and less likely to get hit.

Stay Alert   

Try not to get distracted. It’s essential to keep an eye on anything that can potentially happen and put you at risk. Before entering a road, make sure you stop and look for any oncoming vehicles.

Also, almost half of the bicycle accidents happened due to cars rear-ending a cyclist. So, use a rear-view mirror, especially if you’re changing lanes or turning. Intersections are always problematic for two-wheelers of any kind, so it’s important not to let your guard down when you find yourself on the crossroads.

Make Sure Your Bicycle is Ready for The Road

Both you and your bicycle need to be ready to hit the road.

Before you take it for a ride, check the tire and wheels, air pressure, gears, brakes, pedals, and reflective elements. You want it to be in perfect working condition, especially if you’re planning a long-distance ride. You don’t want something like an accident happening because you didn’t want to spend several minutes making sure everything is working correctly. 

Cycling can bring you an immense sense of freedom and a lot of pleasure. To keep it that way, don’t forget to protect yourself, focus on the road ahead and the traffic, and make sure your bicycle is in good working condition.